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Comment Re:Functional market (Score 1) 426

How do you even define cheating in that sort of task? If I go and search for it on Stack Overflow and find a decent solution, and then I can come in and talk it through showing I understand it, is that cheating? Or evidence of a useful ability to learn new things? I'd say the latter assuming they can talk through it... my current job had this sort of offline test before my interview and it's the best place I've worked at so far :)

Comment Re:Solved! (Score 1) 316

I've been here long enough to recognise the accounts that I "like" and whose posts I'll pay more attention to, so my policy is that if someone is annoying enough to want to flag I'll a) go through current foes, find ones I don't recognise and un-foe them if they've not posted in ages, or b) just get rid of a friend I recognise. I've never used them to give bonuses or penalties to scores, so that works out for me.

I wonder how many users would be in my lists without the 200 limit though :)

Comment Re: I don't understand all the anger over Google (Score 1) 164

Which is fine up until the point where you want to change some part of your system that service relies on - another service's API, your underlying data storage technology, or just migrating from old server equipment. Now there's a whole load of costs incurred in just keeping the service exactly the same, which I doubt the low number of users and ad impressions sold are going to compensate for.

Comment Re:No? (Score 2) 221

You're forgetting their other service, writing bloated verbiage about last month's overused buzzword and marketing it as cutting edge market analysis for clueless C-level executives.


Submission + - Planck telescope delivers the most detailed picture ever of the early Universe (

ananyo writes: "The Planck space telescope has delivered the most detailed picture yet of the cosmic microwave background, the residual glow of the Big Bang. Scientists unveiling the results from the €600 million European Space Agency (ESA) probe said that they shed fresh light on the first instants of our Universe’s birth. They also peg the age of the Universe at 13.81 billion years — slightly older than previously estimated. Planck’s results also strongly support the idea that in the 10-32 seconds or so after the Big Bang, the Universe expanded at a staggering rate — a process dubbed inflation."
Data Storage

Submission + - Lossless audio formats championed by musicians, music purists (

Lucas123 writes: Lossless audio formats that retain the sound quality of original recordings while also offering some compression for data storage are being championed by musicians like Neil Young and Dave Grohl who say compressed formats like the MP3s being sold on iTunes rob listeners of the artist's intent. By Young's estimation, CDs can only offer about 15% of the data that was in a master sound track, and when you compress that CD into a lossy MP3 or AAC file format, you lose even more of the depth and quality of a recording. Audiophiles, who have long remained loyal to vinyl albums, are also adopting the lossless formats, some of the most popular of which are FLAC and AIFF, and in some cases can build up terabyte-sized album collections as the formats are still about five times the size of compressed audio files. Even so, digital music sites like HDtracks claim about three hundred thousand people visit each month to purchase hi-def music. And for music purists, some of whom are convinced there's a significant difference in sound quality, listening to lossy file formats in place of lossless is like settling for a Volkswagon instead of a Ferrari.

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