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Comment Funny thing predicted. (Score 0) 643

People who strongly believe in gun rights, who believe it is fair for citizens to take up arms against the government when the government overreaches its powers, would agree with the SCOTUS and say it is quite fair to take DNA sample at the time of arrest.

And the people who strongly believe this is a government overreach, it is unreasonable and it threatens privacy and liberty, would not advocate taking up arms about this issue. They would argue no matter what, the only legitimate way to fight back is with the ballots and not the bullets.

Comment Re:Why wouldn't the people support them? (Score 1) 174

The day you get rid of the government's police protection of the rich, the "rich guy" becomes a body in the gutter.

You will be the body in the gutter. Rich will always buy the thugs they need to protect themselves. There is some chance you could get police on your side, someday with enough political action. There is no chance in hell you will outgun the henchmen of the rich.

Comment Limited password length (Score 1) 69

It is really dumb to limit the password to something so small as 8 or 10 char. Or disallowing non-alpha numberics like $ + - @ # % .

But one of the common vulnerabilities is buffer overrun. So they want to limit the read to some fixed number instead of looking for the trailing null, in an unlimited loop. So the right thing to do is set the limit to some moderately large number, like 128, allocate space, write nulls into it and then read the data into that buffer. Why it can't be really big like 1K or 2K? Well, it is possible to pack lots of instructions into a 1K or 2K buffer, and we dont want to provide that much of memory in a user writable space. Of course a well written authenticator will immediately clear every user written buffer as soon as they are done reading.

In reality some UI designer limits the amount of data to be entered limited to the space provided in the edit box in the GUI. By default most screen controls like buttons and edit boxes are sized by the string buffer allocated for it. It is always possible to change the size of the control explicitly, but there are many programmers who are lazy or incompetent and don't use it,

Comment Re:Why wouldn't the people support them? (Score 4, Informative) 174

The day you shrink the government small enough to be drowned in a bathtub, some rich guy will drown it. Then you will be subjugated by some private guy and you have no chance of ever getting back. It would take centuries to overthrow them and bring back democracy.

Yes, the rich people are using the power of the government and threaten you. What good is liberty if you have been looted completely and left without any means of using the liberty for in any meaningful way? The solution is not to weaken the government, but to reduce the influence of money on government. That is why the ruling "money is speech" should send chills down your spine. The top one percent have not more "speech" than the bottom 90%. It is our government, we need to take control of it, make it powerful, powerful enough to give the man on the street a fighting chance.

Comment Re:Why wouldn't the people support them? (Score 1) 174

Heard of trust busting? Heard of the Sherman Act, monopoly and restrictive trade practices act?

After 100 years of hard fought victories of progressives and liberals, you are able to blow smoke imagining "collusion" can't be all that bad. But when collusion, cartel forming, monopolies were are legal, ordinary Americans eked out subsistence living, working in dangerous factories, living in shacks, breathing polluted air, drinking dirty water. That is the lot of White Americans who fared much much better than the blacks and Hispanics.

Dont imagine if those days are back you, (I assume you are white American) will get back the same level of social standing over the rest. Those days are gone. Rich people of all colors will collude together to subjugate poor people of all races. Which means, a substantial percentage of the subjugated, exploited population will be white.

Comment Re:Why wouldn't the people support them? (Score 2) 174

People had the fruits of their labor stolen before 1912 too.

Slavery is the obvious point. Even if you ignore slavery, the minorities were exploited ruthlessly. Would you care to look at how people other than Whites fared at that time? Chinese gold prospectors were systematically discriminated and driven out. Indian (from the Indian subcontinent) were denied property rights and the farms they owned were confiscated. US Supreme Court (Justice Sutherland) ruled that "yes, yes, Indians are caucasians, but they are not White, so not eligible for property rights."

Let us leave the racial minorities and focus on Whites alone. They too were systematically looted by the banks, the companies colluded to keep the wages low, and stole the fruits of their labor. They stole the farms through banks. Life for poor people was pretty hard, then the depression hit.

So your claim that people were living in some sort of golden age before the income tax is totally wrong.

Comment Re:Why wouldn't the people support them? (Score 5, Insightful) 174

You are delusional. Government is not the major threat to your liberty now. It is the corporations and rich guys who threaten your liberty. The rich will use any means to threaten your liberty. Right now they buy politicians, corrupt the government, run astro turf organizations, hire shills and liars to get you. Among all these instruments they use, democratic government is the only thing that you can use at some point to get the control back, get the country back. At some point enough people will pay enough attention to clean up the mess.

And the rich know it too. So they use all the resources they have to create a pathological irrational antipathy to all government and persuade you to reduce taxes and reduce it ability to enforce laws. Just remember this, if you actually manage to starve the government out of existence, there is nothing to stop you from being enslaved by the rich once again.

If you are not rich, the democracy is the only weapon you have, the only way to achieve liberty. Starving the beast is a snake oil sold by self serving rich people and the shills bought by them.

Comment Differential equations are not advanced math. (Score 1) 656

Differential equations are not advanced math. It is just basic calculus. Partial Differential Equations is where advanced math starts.

You think you love computers. But basically you love some parts of the computers that you are familiar with. But in real life, after getting your CS degree, the part of computing that puts food on the table and pays rent, is probably not going to be that part of computers that you love. It is going to be some pointy haired bosses, some nitwit IT department, some insane procedures instituted by some VP, and work, deadline, metrics, annual performance review ..

Where does diff eqn figure in this? It is where you learn to do things that are not particularly interesting, whose purpose is not immediately evident, things that are hard, things that require hard work, long hours and perseverance to complete. In short these frustrating experiences prepare you for a career. Any fool can devote all his/her time to something he/she loves. I am not sure the job I am offering is going the what you are passionate about. I need workers who will complete tasks even if they are boring and appear to be pointless. I will hire people who have suffered through diff equations. In an earlier era I might have insisted on Latin too.

Comment Bullying is older than facebook. (Score 3, Insightful) 559

The bullies are to be blamed for the death, not facebook. May be facebook with its detailed logs can help us find the passive audience who watched the bullying and did nothing to stop. May be we can teach the passive by standers how they could help assuage the hurt feelings of the bully victim behind the scenes etc. I think the by standers are the real key in solving bullying issue. If we could find a way to make them side with the victim without exposing themselves bullying might eventually get solved

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