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Comment Re:Before you do it (Score 1) 1186

It doesn't really matter. Getting a tattoo doesn't mean it has to be so important to him forever, or to be more realistic, for the rest of the time he has that body. It's just a marker that it was that significant of an impact on him at least at one time in his life. If you're pretty wishy washy or ashamed of the things that are meaningful to you and wouldn't want anyone to ever know about them, by all means, don't get a tattoo of that thing.

Comment wow, worse reception? (Score 1) 431

I wonder what the situation is there? Mine is astronomically better. But I live in a big city with a clear shot to the broadcast antenna farm. I figured you either get a great picture or basically nothing watchable. I guess not being watchable is worse reception. I pretty much thought that if you had it before you'd have it after. Of course you have to aim your antenna right. I have a $12 directional that I aimed with a $0.50 compass.

Comment Re:It's all about the development environment (Score 1) 510

yeah, if "it's all over" depends upon something that will never happen. And I wouldn't be so sure one is even under development. All this time and all the Javascript development that has gone on. I don't think there is even one good Javascript development on par with "real" development language's IDEs. And Flash "script" style development environment would be even more specialized. So yeah, unless someone like Google or how about Symantec? steps up and creates something, browser independent, the was is far from over.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 268

I don't think Microsoft has anything to be worried from Linux. The vast majority of users just plain can't use Linux. Linux isn't really growing in user base and what little growth it has is going to peak if it hasn't already unless some drastic changes are made to the operating system to make it easier to use. Don't get me wrong, I'm in favour of Linux FOS just isn't the right model for competing with funded OSes. Apple on the other hand...

Comment Windows uses virtual memory no matter what (Score 1) 613

I've found Windows uses virtual memory no matter how much memory you have available. That's why I max out the memory on my notebook and turn off virtual memory. But Windows has continuously become so much more inneficient that it really seems intentional rather than just lazy which I originally thought was the reason.

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