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Comment Re:Simple (Score 4, Interesting) 229

I have found it is a very good exercise to let the programmers tell me how long it is going to take to get the job done. We do it in a group setting with all the peers involved. The programmers don't want to look bad among their peers so they usually set realistic dates and work hard to meet them. Each week we review progress in a group setting. This seems to work very well.

Comment Re:plan? in this climate? (Score 1) 473

I feel the same way. I am not a guru in any one thing but can do a lot in a lot of different things. it has kept me gainfully employed since 1970. I started out in college programming an IBM 1130 in fortran and assembler, moved to Burroughs L/TC accounting computers in assembler, then NCR, Cobol, Data General a myriad of languages, communications protocols hdlc, X25, sdlc, sna, 2780/3780, postgresql, php, html, C, C++, etc,etc.

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