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Comment I'M MAD AS HELL (Score 1) 238

What kind of balls does it take to stand up in front of everyone and say they want to treat every citizen as a suspect? The real surprise will be when nobody reports this and there are no consequences.
There's a civil respose: Create a new political party by and for regular people. Vote these shitheads out of office.
Uncivil response: I'll let you guess.
What is it going to take? Stop paying taxes and send a note to our govt. saying we will no longer fund this crap? Put a F U in the "amount paid" box on our 1040?
And then there's those two fucking bitches who objected to further questioning and shut it down. Let's sit outside their house with directional microphones and stream it live to a website called Senators Gone Live! When they complain about their privacy, we get to slap them as hard as we fucking can.

Comment Re:News? (Score 2) 314

This isn't them "doing their job". It's an extension of "anything you say can and will be used against you" to include all data. The giant information grab is going to start being used against innocent citizens. Remember, Googling certain items results in a visit from the FBI.

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