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Comment Re:Oh man... (Score 1) 191

You think wrong. Making the sweeping generalization that everyone of a particular ethnicity are "Thieving bastards" is textbook racism.

"According to the United Nations conventions, there is no distinction between the term racial discrimination and ethnicity discrimination."

Comment Re:WHy are you majoring in CS... (Score 2) 606

You're stuck in the wrong decade old geezer. All the kids in college and highschool these days were born in the 90s and grow up in the 90s/00's. Computers have been so prevalent their entire lives that they could literally jump onto a bus, head down to the local Salvation Army, and pick up a computer. All for about the price of one or two cheese pizzas.

I would know: my previous computer, the one that I had since I was a child, cost me $50. Because I was feeling like Mr Moneybags at the time.

Anybody currently in college or enrolling in college who says they never had the opportunity to hobby in computing is flat out full of shit.

Comment Re:Religion. (Score 1) 636

If you look at the words, 'agnostic' simply means "without knowledge". By itself, it doesn't specifically refer to religion at all.

'Atheism' on the other hand means "not theistic". This one is more subtle but realistically includes what you also think of when you think of agnostic. Anything that isn't a theistic belief falls under theism, including but not limited to "I know there is no god". An alien who never even heard of the concept of religion and therefore holds nothing you can call a "belief" on the subject would be an atheist.

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