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Comment Re:Hi. Eve player here. (Score 2) 463

There are allegations as well that CCP intentionally did this to drive up the price of PLEX (and in fact, just about every resource in the game)... which has happened. And CCP has colluded with players before to give valuable assets out -- and admitted to this.

Thats an almost slanderous claim, there was one case (5 years ago?) where one employee went "Rogue" and consipered with players for personal benefit, that event caused the company to create an internal investigation unit to make sure it doesnt happen again.

The company involved goes to great lengths to ensure they dont interfere with the games economy without good cause. They have an economist to monitor the health of the economy, and a reserve bank for the rare occasion that the ingame value of PLEX varies too much (i think they have only acted once or twice and there is oversight).

Comment Fairphone (Score 1) 303

Im also lookign to replace my N900 (which i like), previously had an OpenMoko Neo (which was a great talking piece, bad phone).

Im currently keeping an eye on the fairphone, they are just finishing there first batch of 25,000 phones and looking at a new order soon. Second release is usually a good one to get in one as they have had a chance to find and fix hardware bugs.

The replicant project has done a review of the fairphone, there biggest criticim of it is that it doest have good hardware isolation to prevent NSA type spying. It isnt supported by replicant yet, but say it should be possible.

It looks like the project is more driven ideology rather than profit, but that ideology is very much focused on the phone. I hope they do well.


Comment Re:good points / bad points (Score 1) 315

However, his revelations about NSA spying outside the USA have caused severe and lasting damage to the USA's reputation, and to the USA's ability to collect intelligence that it needs to defend it's interests

His revelations about NSA spying outside the USA have caused severe and lasting damage to the USA's ability to betray its allies.
The USA now has the oportunity to begin to earn the trust of its people so it can defend its national interests.

Comment Re:Precisely (Score 1) 1098

It pisses me off when they groan ... but but why didn't you use my api? I can't. Your license dictates that I can't earn a living off it nor can my employer.

If the GPL software was dual licenced and you could just pay money in order to avoid the obligations of the GPL, would you do it ?

Or are you only willing to accept software that is free as in speech and free as in beer, so you dont have to pass on either ?

Comment Re:OK... (Score 5, Insightful) 205

Games are one of the oldest and most powerful learning systems we have. Computer games obviously lose the physical benefit of RL game,s but they still have mental benefits.

They can teach Logic, promote social skills (as compared to TV), and can be good emotionally just ot blow of some steam.

I understand the drama with debian and non-free games, but surely you can seperate the two concepts.

Comment Co-operation and Trust (Score 3, Insightful) 279

Free and Open source software are about working together to write software, its unquestionably good.

There are tens of billions of dollars worth of Libre code out there, with thousands of unpunished violators, and only 2 or 3 people in the world defending it.

And this "community" persistently rallies against working tegether Legally with CLA, i just dont understand, is it purely a trust thing ?

(And if you want to help defend Free Software, consider donating to the Software Freedom Conservency)

Comment Re:Where are they? (Score 1) 324

You better be careful that tinfoil isnt shaped like an antenna.

To fix that you just need to make sure the tinfoil is eathed properly, but then you also need to make sure they arent doign anything tricky wit hthe earth leakage current.

Also, the NSA might be monitoring EM radiation from your external power supply.

I suggest you make tinfoil glasses and earplugs, ignorance is bliss.

Comment Re:No, they're still bringing value to the project (Score 1) 120

And yet even there they are doing something good by using it. This is especially true of FOSS frameworks, libraries, etc. The more jobs that use them, the more value knowing the work becomes and that means you attract more potential contributors.

A corporation uses free software and is committed to not contribute anything back (freeloading), yet one of their workers does so in their own time (contirbuting).

In that case the company has unknowingly contributed to free software in the way of promotional work, but that has to be weighed against the damage they do to free software by trying to prevent their workers contributing in the first place.

Comment Re:Not freeloaders (Score 4, Insightful) 120

Users are freeloaders if they are ideologically opposed to contributing or participating in the community.

If people dont contribute because they dont know how, but would like to, then that fine, maybe one day they will be able to. Nothing to lose, everythign to gain by havign them around.

If people (or more likely corporations) are ideologically opposed to contributing back to the communtiy because they dont want to mix "their valuable IP" with the communities IP then are a dead weight to us. We would be much better off pushing them to use inferior proprietary software so their competitors who arent so short sighted can win.

[end rant]

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