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Comment Re:Remember TEMPEST? (Score 1) 264

you know in general what it should sound like so you know what to look for, and then you work from there

If it was just one opera singer it might be reasonable to "work from there", but keys need to be 100% correct unless they are combinign it with a brute force attack, but then they would still need to know whci hbits they heard correctly.

But i still call bullshit, what if there are more than one opera singers singing, or its some new age music that has elements of opera, but isnt really opera at all.

What if a bug flys into your fan ?

Comment See, NSA are our friends, let them have root (Score 1) 698

This story proves the NSA is really trying to protect us all the time, some people say they are spies, i call them teh protectors of liberty.

In order to let them help us, we should all download and install their new "anti-malware" software. If your are an important person they might even give you access to their custom assistance package where they remotely interact wit hyour system, for your protection !

Comment Re:As immigrant in the US (Score 1) 383


TLDR: You need a secure channel to create a secure channel, smae with trust.

If you dont have trust you dont have anything.

The US government have demostrated their belief that in order to protect their people, they cant allow themselves to trust their own people.

All over the world people say they dont trust their government, have done so for a long time, and will contrinue to do so. But when a government actually demonstrates it, its hard to come back from that.

Comment Re: Awesome! (Score 4, Funny) 172

Are you CRAZY... You cant put acid in consumer controlled devices.

Sulfiric acid can cause severe burns, imagine what would happen if there where industrial or transport accidents and it leaked on people, and what if people take the acid out and thrown in people faces...

No way would the government let people have control of such powerful chemistry, well at least without strict licensing and enforcment laws. You just cant trust society with this sort of technology, its just a matter of time till its used by the terrrist.

Im going to start writting letters straight away about this !!!

Comment Your biggest limit is your creativity (Score 0) 598

One of the most significant things i learnt as a programmer after 20 odd years is that being a good programmer isnt enough, you have be capable of design as well.

Knowing only syntax allows you write functional but unmaintainable code. Knowign only design allows you to beatiful but disfunctional code. You need both.

Comment Re:But does it change anything? (Score 1) 245

Many modern newly established or re-established post colonial states have been founded or governed by people who were at one time, by any definition, terrorists.

Actually modern definitions of terrorism preclude governments from being defined as Terrorists.

  "The meaning of âoeterrorismâ has undergone a transformation. During the reign of terror a regime or system of terrorism was used as an instrument of governance, wielded by a recently established revolutionary state against the enemies of the people. Now the term âoeterrorism" is commonly used to describe terrorist acts committed by non-state or subnational entities against a state." - from the wikipedia page on Definition of Terrorism.

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