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Comment Re:lol (Score 1) 219

AGPL is not good ... cannot make changes necessary to tailor it to my particular site configuration without releasing the source to those changes

I dont know berkleyDB, can you explain the reasonaing behing concluding that "site configuration" changes are part fo the program.

Does it not have seperate config files or something... maybe you could submit a patch ?

Comment I dont think he has worked it out yet. (Score 1) 297

"The hardest part of solving a problem is understanding it" - ?

The reason its hard to estimate development time is because programming involves design, design is a creative task.

Nobody can predict how long it takes to be creative, its a universal unknown. Creative workers (such as graphic artists) often estimate the design phase by giving themselves a hard limit and then just choosing the best idea they could come up with.

Most programmers dont even acknowledge their work is a creative expression, so they are bad at estimating what a reasonable "hard limit" might be. But even so, im not sure the same method of 'choosing the best idea within a given time limit' is suitable to programming. Some things just have to meet certain objective benchmarks or there is no point continuing.

Best idea i can come up with is to allocate your self "design time" first, which wont be long enough. Then you should be able to get a reasonable estimate of implementation time.

Comment Re:Worse than that! (Score 1) 466

Anyway as pointed out, it is simply a PR campaign and an awareness thing. Anyone who believes they are actually doing something significant should be looked at with an arched eyebrow.

When a notable portion of the worlds people unite for the same cause, telling the various leaders that YES, WE DO CARE, they are doing something significant.

Comment Re:Flat-rate benefits (Score 1) 224

The difference between rich and poor, is that to poor people money is a means of survival, to rich people its a reward to make them feel important. (IMO)

Perhaps given your experience you can understand that ?

When rich people want to take back, or give less to society i feel its because they want their contributions to be recognised and not taken for granted. The best way to respond to that is to do everything possible to make sure that money IS spent wisely. If government basically just gave high income earners a refund because government isnt using it properly it would indicate the government is totally incompetent.

I dont think its unfair to take more from people who use money as an ego trip.

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