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Comment Re: Awesome! (Score 4, Funny) 172

Are you CRAZY... You cant put acid in consumer controlled devices.

Sulfiric acid can cause severe burns, imagine what would happen if there where industrial or transport accidents and it leaked on people, and what if people take the acid out and thrown in people faces...

No way would the government let people have control of such powerful chemistry, well at least without strict licensing and enforcment laws. You just cant trust society with this sort of technology, its just a matter of time till its used by the terrrist.

Im going to start writting letters straight away about this !!!

Comment Your biggest limit is your creativity (Score 0) 598

One of the most significant things i learnt as a programmer after 20 odd years is that being a good programmer isnt enough, you have be capable of design as well.

Knowing only syntax allows you write functional but unmaintainable code. Knowign only design allows you to beatiful but disfunctional code. You need both.

Comment Re:But does it change anything? (Score 1) 245

Many modern newly established or re-established post colonial states have been founded or governed by people who were at one time, by any definition, terrorists.

Actually modern definitions of terrorism preclude governments from being defined as Terrorists.

  "The meaning of âoeterrorismâ has undergone a transformation. During the reign of terror a regime or system of terrorism was used as an instrument of governance, wielded by a recently established revolutionary state against the enemies of the people. Now the term âoeterrorism" is commonly used to describe terrorist acts committed by non-state or subnational entities against a state." - from the wikipedia page on Definition of Terrorism.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 1) 427

Trust is only established when there aren't any secrets. Espionage can uncover any secrets.

Commonly Espionage tries to find other peoples secrets so they have more secrets to keep to themselves, it doesnt increase the public knowledge, therefore doesnt increase trust within society.

Nice try, but still a fail.

Comment Re:The dilema ... (Score 2) 427

Wars are prevented when leaders of countries actually sit down and try to work out relationships with countries, without the intent of screwing them over for gain.

Agree, and its much easier to do that if there is trust between the parties/countries.
Trust makes relationships (economic and social) more efficient as it enables greater teamwork between parties, it also makes people feel safe and part of a community.
Trust is one the most valuable social resources we have, it takes years to nuture and grow, and these people constantly undermine it and destroy under the pretence that they are "helping" us.
They fail at being human.

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