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Comment Re:That's great... (Score 1) 20

Meanwhile, back in reality, in heavily congested areas you're lucky to get a signal twenty meters using omnidirectional antennas and public spectrum.

First World Problems

I realize Slashdot caters to the Libertarian fringe, but the whole reason we have 'locked-down spectrum' is to avoid the tragedy of the commons scenario that occurs when devices interfere at random and everybody keeps kicking the power higher and higher trying to shout over the crowd until the spectrum is no good to anyone.

Can you not think of yourself for once, is it possible that a problem could be solved for developing countries that doesnt benefit developed countries. Maybe one day they can teach us how to better manage our spectrum by cooperating more. Is that something you want to tear down with your negativity.

Comment Libre firmware (Score 1) 480

Libre software is used in many embedded devices, however there are very few devices that do not also use proprietary software seperately on the same device.

Manufacturers will often embrace Libre software, then extend it with own essential proprietary binaries, making the whole non-free and difficult for the community to liberate.

How would you feel about a GPL like licence that didnt not tolerate distribution alongside prioprietary code (no mere agregation) ?

Comment Re:WTF Nokia (Score 1) 105

What's so hard in understanding this simple three-step formula:
1) Make some nice hardware.
2) Put vanilla Android on it with a clear upgrade path to the latest version.
3) Profit!

The hard bit that enables that 3 step plan is step 0) Sack managment, replace them with monkeys.

Comment Re:Fuck Tony Abbott. (Score 1) 109

He wont get knifed.
Libs are a Tall Poppy Party, they want their leader to get all the heat so none of it lands on them. If there leader gets burnt by the public and they find themselves in charge they know they can get away with anything and the party will back them.
ALP are driven by the caucus, the leader cant just do what (s)he wants like in the Libs, the team comes first. That why the leader an ALP leader is more likely to get kniffed (which sounds wrong). But now the ALP leader is voted in by members the leader will have more power over caucus.

Comment Re:Many here hate Microsoft (Score 1) 379

If your using this sites comment system to try and destroy this site with a boycott, why do you expect to have good karma on this site ?

Then why's mgt. here (rant removed) ?

That reponse pretty much explains why your karma is burnt and your posting anon. Your post is not relevent to the story or the comment you replied to.

Comment Re:More on systemd... (Score 1) 379

Apparently this is the most important information, from the front page.


Yes, it is written systemd, not system D or System D, or even SystemD. And it isn't system d either. Why? Because it's a system daemon, and under Unix/Linux those are in lower case, and get suffixed with a lower case d. And since systemd manages the system, it's called systemd. It's that simple. But then again, if all that appears too simple to you, call it (but never spell it!) System Five Hundred since D is the roman numeral for 500 (this also clarifies the relation to System V, right?). The only situation where we find it OK to use an uppercase letter in the name (but don't like it either) is if you start a sentence with systemd. On high holidays you may also spell it sÃstÃmd. But then again, SystÃme D is not an acceptable spelling and something completely different (though kinda fitting).

Comment Re:Hi. Eve player here. (Score 2) 463

There are allegations as well that CCP intentionally did this to drive up the price of PLEX (and in fact, just about every resource in the game)... which has happened. And CCP has colluded with players before to give valuable assets out -- and admitted to this.

Thats an almost slanderous claim, there was one case (5 years ago?) where one employee went "Rogue" and consipered with players for personal benefit, that event caused the company to create an internal investigation unit to make sure it doesnt happen again.

The company involved goes to great lengths to ensure they dont interfere with the games economy without good cause. They have an economist to monitor the health of the economy, and a reserve bank for the rare occasion that the ingame value of PLEX varies too much (i think they have only acted once or twice and there is oversight).

Comment Fairphone (Score 1) 303

Im also lookign to replace my N900 (which i like), previously had an OpenMoko Neo (which was a great talking piece, bad phone).

Im currently keeping an eye on the fairphone, they are just finishing there first batch of 25,000 phones and looking at a new order soon. Second release is usually a good one to get in one as they have had a chance to find and fix hardware bugs.

The replicant project has done a review of the fairphone, there biggest criticim of it is that it doest have good hardware isolation to prevent NSA type spying. It isnt supported by replicant yet, but say it should be possible.

It looks like the project is more driven ideology rather than profit, but that ideology is very much focused on the phone. I hope they do well.


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