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Comment Old News? (Score 2, Informative) 264

I seem to recall reading an article many years ago about a trial in the UK in which this same technique was working quite well on humans. Of course I can't seem to track down the article now, and the closest thing I did find was this article from five years ago about a business providing this service. Unfortunately, it only muddies the waters further by including the line "To date, no companies or research groups in the world have been able to demonstrate the formation of a living, natural tooth." Does anyone else remember the trial I mentioned or am I just imagining things again?

Comment Re:GTA Effect? (Score 1) 520

To hell with 3d, I remember being head and shoulders above my elementary school classmates when it came to first reading maps due to games like Zelda and Kid Icarus. Of course, it also probably helped that my Mom and brother and I drew great big detailed maps of all the dungeons in Kid Icarus so we'd know where healing pools, centurions, eggplants, etc. were. This was when I was about 4.

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