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Comment Built trust, include and be transparent (Score 1) 1117

First to gain trust you must be very transparent about what you are doing. This includes stating explicitly what is and is not allowed and most importantly what abilities to monitor you will use and when. If possible include everyone in these decisions and use the whole system as a way to teach the children. If everyone has a way to give feedback (even anonymously) you will be much more aware of the general opinion.

Second I think restrictions during school hours may be acceptable but they should be at the ultimate minimum required by law out of school. Else the machines will be wasted.

The kids who really want to break through your restrictions will and you end up just punishing the wrong people.

Comment Data Portability and User Control (Score 1) 76

I would like the data collected about me to be portable and under my control. I would like to be able to create an identity online that I can use to login to any website I desire. Data collected would be stored against this identity. Every identity should have access to the data stored against it and have the ability to control who has access to that data. This would put the control of my personal information in my hands. I don't have a problem with collection of anonymized data. Currently the internet seems to work backwards. I create a separate identity on every site I visit and that identity essentially belongs to the site rather than me. This fragments everything about me online making it impossible to control and secure. An obvious downside to this is that if anyone ever gets control of my identity they have access to everything. But an easy solution is to be able to create as many identities as you like. This way you can keep one for sensative accounts such as banks and another for sites like /. and wikipedia or however you desire. Everyone could have their anonymous identity that allows them to troll and blow whistles. I don't see this comming around the corner anytime soon if ever but the ablitiy to control your data and link your identities seems pretty important overall.

Comment OpenID (Score 1) 436

For the discussions previously hosted on change.gov I could log in with my openid account. Now I am required to sign up for a new account. I was very disappointed by this development. I believe this is because google does not support being an openid consumer in contrast to the company used for the Health Care discussion. Im tired of having 40+ different login names and passwords. I quite.

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