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Comment Re:The Number One Impediment is MEETINGS (Score 1) 457

as with anything else common sense and a bit of respect for others is mandatory; instead we usually are confronted with idiocy, lack of discipline, lack of competence and lack of respect for other and especially for technical authority. That would not be so bad but the worst thing is that sometimes this gets attention of some person with stamina and good will that can enforce some rules and one may think that this means people learned - once the communication (?) problems are fixed, the fixer is leaving and the group goes back to business as usual. I think that particular thing is called corporate amnesia but I am not sure it is a characteristic of corporations only.

Comment Re:Pro Tip (Score 1) 114

and yet majority of healthy adults would be off bad breath after what GP advised. I had numerous adventures with doctors of different type. They put things into my mouth and stomach I was not happy about and yet at the end an old physician told me the same GP seems to know - the biggest problem is your tongue. Then the food remains between your teeth. and at the edges of stone buildup on your teeth (unless you do not have any). It does miracles to keep your mouth clean. Care is needed tho as too much cleaning can destroy your sense of taste and be painful. If these things do not help go to a doctor and check your stomach or whatever they advice you to do.

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

What does under-achieving mean? What is the area in which they do that? Is this related to work world or to the household work (it is also work is it not?). Would you accept a man smarter than you are? really? It is all prejudice and we cannot know each other so it is a guess based on what I learned about world and humans over the years. We differ in certain ways along gender lines - that is a fact which many reject because they dislike its consequences but it is a fact and it is not limited to our reproduction organs. Our brains in general differ along gender divide too. This said being a female or male does not automatically make you 'better' in some area it just makes your potential there more likely. Majority of females want to have family and kids. This is also a fact. They are confused as to their role and role of males in their lives but they want to have kids and families. This has consequences even if you are willing only to bear a child and then give it 'away' to your partner, your mama or nanny etc. These consequences are bigger if you want to spend some meaningful time with your kids. It does not mean the person (papa or mama) is underachieving - by citing this anecdote here you fall into old prejudice - repeating it. In fact it does not matter who is underachieving. We know now that if your achievement criteria are more social and less sociopathic then majority of males in our society as well as big part of working and successful females are underachieving.

In short what I wanted to say is this: your post is as flat and generalizing as you would expect from a male chauvinistic pig. Funny that.

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

the part where parents in two-income household can spend enough time with their kids is just a delusion unless these two incomes come from somebody else. If you the parents work full time which you suggest then this means 40h week plus commuting. Now if you have one kid this means that either parents do not see each other while working in shifts or somebody else is taking care for the kids most of the time. Now take family with 2 kids or 3. The situation does not change much but enough to make the whole thing just impossible unless your full employment means you can work from home, your schedules are fully under your control. How many jobs are there that allow that? I do not know a single family that can do that. I know about one in Berlin (that is capitol of the country I live in i.e. Germany) - the lady works as if she was self-employed. That may work for her (she is a lawyer or some such) but not for people working on shifts or any other scheme where in/out times are strict. I know about lady's existence because her lifestyle is unusual - meaning really that taking time for kids means you cannot work full time.

Comment Re:Differing learning styles (Score 1) 690

If you actively support girls in educational system (and elsewhere) then if you do at least some of these things right the girls will get better.This is not difficult to understand or is it? Then again if you look at primary and secondary schools in western world - these are mostly staffed with female teachers - there is nothing wrong with that of course except that they automagically be biased. In ground school where my son is going they cannot even run and play ball during breaks. There is no real explanation why but one can think of the reason or? I suppose in majority of western countries we reached the point when we have to realize that needs of boyz and girlz are a bit different and these different needs must be satisfied somehow. This of course is a no-go for PC people for whom for all purposes other than procreation and alimony payments girlz==boyz.

Comment Re:A very grave collapse that can't be stopped. (Score 1) 465

the anecdote you start with is probably explained partially with economics but it is rather off topic. I do buy stuff in a book store if I need advice and have enough time. Majority of my purchases are done by amazon. For the stuff I need wikipeidia is usually a start point. If I need deeper knowledge I usually need a book etc.because technology of all these toys is still not satisfying and because of what we generally associated with DRM I buy paper copies tho. The way I see it modern logistics and technology allow for small issues comparing with previous ages and it is still viable unless some asshole decides that DRM is a king and stops producing paper stuff because control is easier on zeros and ones. me thinks

Comment Re:What a silly article. (Score 1) 465

4) LP to cassette to CD to MP3. VHS to Laserdisc to DVD to Blu-Ray. Same thing. So people re-purchase their favorite titles in a big chunk when they get the device then slow down to their regular rate of buying 5-10 books per year. That seems like the expected pattern for existing content being re-released on new media.

I had few vinyl items (50?) when I started buying CDs. I did busy few of the items I had on vinyl again on CD so I re-created refined copy of my previous library. I stopped buying CDs as soon as I noticed that I could not replay them on some devices and making a backup was impossible or difficult to do. I have few hundred CDs now. I was buying 10..15 per month, now I did not buy any for years. I did not buy any DRMed shit either (except one book just to try) and I do not intend to do. I wonder how many people actually did what you describe here i.e. rebuying their refined libraries when the usage protocol changed. I also wonder how much do they re-buy. Are those patterns widely spread? Unless this is cleared your comment no 4 is irrelevant or misleading.

Comment Re:research (Score 1) 465

It is the money stupid (why digital versions cost almost the same as paper ones?).

It is the comfy factor stupid - I use what I find more comortable - it is paper mostly and for technical specs and Guttenberg project books I use tablet. Yet I do not use it for social media or anything that requires input - any type of such device sucks big time at inputting. Go to hell if you cannot see that.

It is the DRM stupid - book bought for almost the same price I can give away or borrow to my friends and family - it is technically easy to do and I am not becoming a criminal in a process.

So yes I use tablet and my laptop to read stuff. I have purchased one e-book and I decided this to be the last one when I could not use it after moving to another PC. Fuck you and your new shiny tools that are mostly useless and build new barriers which took our society years to overcome. New tools - splendid idea. Make them useful and comfortable to use and if you give me only a license for my money then make the amount less than it is for the same book. Other than that go fuck yourself in your knee.

This said I understand that my view is simplistic and I will have to follow the crowd of mostly morons some day because paper copies will disappear. Till that day either your give me what I want or I am not your customer. You may think that my rage is unjustified but I am sick and tired of people telling me what is best for me w/o even asking ME what I think is.

Comment Re:Summary implies that tablets are not a fad (Score 1) 243

From market share etc perspective it is all as you say or it looks like if you do not look too close at corporate world. I guess Still I do not see the point to pay for application that are free on desktop, I do not see the point of struggling when typing shit in and I am also fed up with the "corroded" micro-usb problems which some of these devices have. You really have a dichotomy here: for professional purposes you usually need something more or some serious tuning at least. For general public that struggled with common purpose PC anyway the deficits are not visible really but benefits like mobility are. I think that explains this. What this means for me and GP is I suppose we will wait for m$ to clean this shitty market and then I'd consider buying a tablet again (maybe). Please not that that the last sentence comes from a unix guy - I worked almost whole professional life on unix machines using windows only as terminals if at all. Bitter is it not?

Comment Re:HR will be HR (Score 1) 241

'tis all depends - we are resources for them as the company indeed is a means of providing profit for its owner(s) at least in normal cases. This said if company interest in particular area goes beyond next quarter then you may argue if they are able for recognizing self interest theys hould be dealing with you in a professional manner and this includes all the niceties as well as reasonable transparency etc. If that does not happen the company may be falling apart internally because folk on the floor is busy coursing management as well as looking for another job instead of looking at the benefits they can provide for the company with their work and cooperation. So if you take it really on economical level it shows that if company has plans to be there next year maybe they should be investing some into way the interfaces towards the floor folk work. Usually however the shit comes from above in literal way: HR behave like a bunch of assholes because they are treated like a bunch of assholes by their supervisors etc.

Comment Re:This shit is getting stupid. (Score 1) 211

This money that we spend on searching aliens is of course a waste. The same can be said about almost anything except food and medicine all the rest is not really needed for survival of our species. This is one thing. The other is - once we stop spending money on such wasteful things like this (or other) program we waste it another way by sending troops somewhere or some such silly thing. But in general you are right - searching for aliens is futile.

Comment Re:But she's more successful than me... (Score 1) 178

I though it is Germany - a country in love with all formal - that is so fucked up that there is a word describing doing other things that tought or generally changing paths and associations with this word are not at all positive (I meant "Quereinsteiger" which translates as career changer). This country hates resumes that have holes for thinking - if HR people are nice they point out to me that I accidentally did not fill in 18 months (during which I was just traveling, enjoying life and spending money I earned so far). SO even in this country people that study odd things like in pilosophy have no or little and not so good career chances after university but hey 10 later they usually earn more than any silly engineer that spent time learning his arse away instead of 'thinking'. I suppose what that means is that if you are intelligent enough to study some odd things you may just as well put this intelligence to good use and instead of life of slavery (salary wo/man) try to become a manager and then boss maybe? Even in Germany this is possible and a word is that HR of big companies in car industry look for people with such odd education - so how is that in the land of the free? I mean it used to be a land of opportunities and where people just do what they want and some of them becoming reach in a process? Why limit yourelf to become a teacher - that is not the only option. I guess if your sis is studying things odd like japanese lietrature from old ages she must have some brain cells - if she has a bright spirit then maybe she can use that as a starting point of something Interest instead of working for some asshole?

Sometimes no regular chance is better than the regular one as the regular job has tendency to get optimized out of existence these days. Be inventive and employ yourself. I am not saying it is easy but you can see such 'shitty' education as a good starting point - by limiting employment chances it in fact removes majority of limitations other education paths provide together with a chance for so called normal employment. Well it does not have to end up this way but it may:)

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