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Comment Re:Fireworks in 3...2...1... (Score 5, Interesting) 1251

I just wish that people would be more up-front about their theological motives, rather than waving their hands or making things up.

Most people aren't that deep. The vast majority of self-proclaimed "Christians" that I've had any sort of discussion with can't separate what is in the Bible from Christmas Carols or greeting cards. They have absolutely no real knowledge of what they believe. They go to church for the music, business contacts and fellowship. Theology has NOTHING to do with it.

I once thought ill of the Catholic Church for making it a capital crime for lay persons reading the Bible on their own. After attending a couple of Non-Denominational Evangelical church services, and their "Bible study" afterward where parishioners "interpreted" a couple of verses on their own... I feel the need to apologize to the Catholics. Those people came up with some seriously off-the-wall bullshit that frequently was 180 degrees opposite of what a verse literally said. Worse was two people would interpret the same verse in exactly opposite ways and they'd all nod sagaciously and agree they were both correct. Hands in the air and Praise Jesus!

Submission + - TSA cancels $60 million Rapiscan contract; Congress to increase TSA Tax anyway (

McGruber writes: Bloomberg has the news that the US General Accounting Office (GAO) has forced the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to cancel a contract for carry-on baggage screening equipment ( The contract had been awarded to Rapiscan, a unit of OSI Systems Inc. (OSIS), less than three months after the TSA nearly barred the company from future contracts, over how Rapiscan handled software fixes for body-scanning machines known as "naked scanners”.

Another contractor protested the award of the baggage screening contract to OSIS/Rapiscan. The protesting firm pointed out that OSI’s Rapiscan unit planned to make the machines in Malaysia in violation of federal rules and was using outdated technology that might miss dangerous objects and trigger false alarms.

Two House committees said in a report last year that the TSA spent $184 million on Rapiscan scanners that are now stored in a warehouse instead of being deployed at airports. The agency was spending $3.5 million a year to lease and manage the warehouse, the committees said.

Sadly, not even Congress reads reports produced by house committees, as demonstrated by this Businessweek report ( that Congress is posed to increase the TSA Tax: "Eager to find new revenues to fend off automatic spending cuts next month, Republicans are embracing an increase to the so-called Sept. 11 security fee on U.S. airline tickets they’ve long resisted. Eager to find new revenues to fend off automatic spending cuts next month, Republicans are embracing an increase to the so-called Sept. 11 security fee on U.S. airline tickets they’ve long resisted. It’s one of the few money-raisers that has bipartisan support in budget negotiations, even as its surprise emergence mobilized resistance from airlines in the U.S. and abroad, the Air Line Pilots Association and the Consumer Travel Alliance."

Comment Hamburg == East Texas (Score 1) 178

Hamburg regional court
is known for its cowtowing to the intellectual property holders. That is why they try to go to that particular court if they sue for copyright infridgement.

And Hamburg is known as the birthplace of the hamburger, which is made from beef, which is raised in large quantities in Texas, and the most prosecution-friendly venue for patent lawsuits in the US is East Texas...

Aha! We've found the causal link!


But now I wonder what the basic legal trends are for the Frankfurt regional court. :-P


Comment TIL; All technologies hit diminishing returns.... (Score 1) 267

Whether it's electronics manufacture, or oil and gas extraction. There's only so far you can push any technology.

Oh, and by the way, there's no such thing as magic. No Santa. No Jesus. No Tooth Fairy. No infinite power supplies. No infinite computer resources. No infinite supply of money that everyone takes seriously.

Time to grow up kids.

Comment Re:If I was still a Karl Marxist (Score 1) 22

Correct, but at least you can make the wrong slightly more convenient. If you're going to force me to buy a product that I neither want nor need, the least you can do is pick it out for me, purchase it for me, and just let me deal with the bill.

One of my biggest objections to Obamacare as it has been implemented in Oregon so far, is I don't have 164 hours of my life to give away to downloading a 19 page PDF, to print out, fill out, send in, get the wrong one back, get my identity stolen by the prison inmate doing data entry, get the right one back, pick a plan, get told it's the wrong plan, get a guess on what my subsidy will be, pay the wrong amount, have to write 6 checks to pay the right amount, only to get fined in the end because they lost the paperwork.

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