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Comment Hamburg == East Texas (Score 1) 178

Hamburg regional court
is known for its cowtowing to the intellectual property holders. That is why they try to go to that particular court if they sue for copyright infridgement.

And Hamburg is known as the birthplace of the hamburger, which is made from beef, which is raised in large quantities in Texas, and the most prosecution-friendly venue for patent lawsuits in the US is East Texas...

Aha! We've found the causal link!


But now I wonder what the basic legal trends are for the Frankfurt regional court. :-P


Comment TIL; All technologies hit diminishing returns.... (Score 1) 267

Whether it's electronics manufacture, or oil and gas extraction. There's only so far you can push any technology.

Oh, and by the way, there's no such thing as magic. No Santa. No Jesus. No Tooth Fairy. No infinite power supplies. No infinite computer resources. No infinite supply of money that everyone takes seriously.

Time to grow up kids.

Comment Re:If I was still a Karl Marxist (Score 1) 22

Correct, but at least you can make the wrong slightly more convenient. If you're going to force me to buy a product that I neither want nor need, the least you can do is pick it out for me, purchase it for me, and just let me deal with the bill.

One of my biggest objections to Obamacare as it has been implemented in Oregon so far, is I don't have 164 hours of my life to give away to downloading a 19 page PDF, to print out, fill out, send in, get the wrong one back, get my identity stolen by the prison inmate doing data entry, get the right one back, pick a plan, get told it's the wrong plan, get a guess on what my subsidy will be, pay the wrong amount, have to write 6 checks to pay the right amount, only to get fined in the end because they lost the paperwork.

Comment If I was still a Karl Marxist (Score 1) 22

I'd say that is the ideal situation. The methodology of Obamacare is that you are forced to buy a product. Identity thieves buy the product for you, and get a bonus from the insurance company for signing you up. A win-win-lose out of a system that was previously lose-lose.

Comment America's corporate managers spineless wussies... (Score 1) 90

...who wouldn't know a principal if it bit them in the ass and sang "Yankee Doodle." They will bend over with a smile the moment any government agency wants them to do anything and ask if they'd like anything else. Encryption. Feh. All PR, smoke and mirrors. This is an attempt to change public perception. Nothing more.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 383

Send offer and respond with resume, isn't that a bit backwards?

Oh, and like a cousin once told my great grandmother- nobody's going to get excited over somebody born in 1970 who needs a girdle. (ok, so the original version was more nobody's going to r*p3 a woman born in 1902, but the same idea applies).

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