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Comment Re:Maybe we could try capitalism & light regul (Score 1) 336

I'm more interested in intelligent regulation. The current regulations are obviously a result of congressional bribery (Oh sorry, I meant "campaign contributions"). These benefit specific corporate interests and are blatantly anti-competitive. At the moment, neither party has the slightest interest in changing that, regardless of the ideology they publically espouse.

Comment Maybe we could try capitalism & light regulati (Score 2) 336

The light regulation being complete price and quality transparency, with the prices for all procedures and outcome statistics easily available online. Put the prices for the 100 most common procedures on posters in large type every 200 feet in every hospital. Put a booklet in every hospital and clinic room. Even insured people frequently have a high co-pay. Think prices wouldn't drop?

Other prices would come down quickly if congress were to deregulate. Allow insurance and prescription drug purchases across state and international lines and prices would drop in a hurry.

Moreover, the whole "prescription" idea is a bit of a racket. If I want to buy a stronger zinc oxide cream for foot problems, I have to see a doctor and get a prescription. For foot cream with 5% zinc oxide. I mean, WTF? It's time to release all but the most dangerous drugs into the wild.

My 2 bitcoins.

Comment Re:Headdesk (Score 1) 281

"Aren't we actually *glad* that we don't have slaves anymore and that gay people are on their way to being treated like -- you know -- citizens? "

When were gay people deported?

As for slaves, thanks to the McBudget I now have definite proof that slavery just got transformed to a lower cost solution:

Comment Most Americans think NSA will ignore anything... (Score 2) 281

that even vaguely limits them, and that they are as likely to pay attention to the rule of law or any principals other than self-interest as they are to grow halos. The only bright spot in this scenario is that they will be fighting the CIA and Homeland Security to become the next KGB, and produce our next home grown Putin.

Cheers everyone, to the logical conclusion of the government Americans started voting for with Reagan.

Comment Re:Headdesk (Score 1) 281

The only thing more ironing is that they are asking the branch that ordered the surveillance to begin with to stop the surveillance. What part of "we obtained a court order" do you NOT understand?

As for democracy- the United States, as they keep telling me, is a Republic. Any appearance of democracy is just window dressing on the real system where every candidate is bought and paid for long before you vote.

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