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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 467

Or, as GK Chesterton put it in _All Things Considered_:

When I was a very young journalist I used to be irritated at a peculiar habit of printers, a habit which most persons of a tendency similar to mine have probably noticed also. It goes along with the fixed belief of printers that to be a Rationalist is the same thing as to be a Nationalist. I mean the printer's tendency to turn the word "cosmic" into the word "comic." It annoyed me at the time. But since then I have come to the conclusion that the printers were right. The democracy is always right. Whatever is cosmic is comic.

Comment That Akamai report sure smells funny. (Score 1) 298

I can't be bothered registering with Akamai to read the full report, but from the link you posted, it would appear that they are only evaluating the performance of connections that are running at at least 10mbps. Is this true? If it is, it will give extremely skewed results. Most basic connections dsl here would be ~8mbps, and that is what most people will get. I'm hearing anecdotal horror stories of 1mbps or worse connections in other countries (*cough* America *cough*); are all of these being excluded? I'm not sure how meaningful it is to compare the best available in countries, rather than the median, when you are reporting what effectively is a survey of the level of service consumers are receiving.

I'm in Seattle. Within the city limits. And the best I can get without spending gobs of cash, for a small-business line, is 1.5mbps. I keep hearing from my telco that we'll have 10mbps Real Soon Now (TM), and I keep hearing rumors of other telcos lighting up the fiber that's already been run throughout my part of town (but inexplicably kept dark). FWIW, I don't think I've ever seen download speeds in excess of around 170kb/sec. Netflix often stalls out buffering, with grotty picture quality; never mind getting HD. All for the "low" *cough* price of around $110 / month.

When I moved to Japan in 2002, the cheapest plan I could get in my neighborhood was $30 / month for 12mbps. Upgraded, at no cost to me, to 18mbps, and then to 24mbps by the time I left in 2005.

So where are these lying shitheads pulling these numbers from? And have they been properly disinfected^Wsanitized?

Judging from the smell, I think not.

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