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Comment Re:Oh, this is sweet!! (Score 1) 145

CREW is objecting to the renewals because under U.S. law, broadcast frequencies may be used only by people of good “character,” who will serve “the public interest,” and speak with “candor.” Significant character deficiencies may warrant disqualification from holding a license.

Now this is gold. Especially if they reference the lovely 'phone hacking' scandal in the UK as ammo of how shitty this corporation is....

Comment Re:This isn't devs listening (Score 1) 197

This is just another account of how amazingly full of shit the GNOME team (Red Hat, let's just call it with it real name) continues to be.

I agree with you 100% on this. Have a look at some of the recent interactions with the Fedora (aka RedHat) team and them shoving Gnome 3 down peoples throats:
continues here:

Translation of it: Screw the End User, you'll do it OUR WAY.

Comment Re:Why did they change the requirements? (Score 2) 421

Pilots do it because they love flying.

Bullshit. They do it for the big money later in their careers. Captains in the majors make good money, get good bennies and union protection. From the WSJ link you provide:

You sir have no fucking idea. I would love to see what other industries require $100k+ investment in training to pay a $30k yearly wage - including benefits.

And how big is that big payout they hope to get someday? FltOps said on average, captains top out at minimum salaries of $165,278

That's the goal. I bet a lot wash out before they get there. That's the breaks. Don't like it get an office job.

But don't tell me about "they love flying." They love the big bucks.

Oh, and 100 passenger aircraft are getting rare in the US. We're flying ~70 passenger Embraers and Bombardiers for domestics today. The big planes left for prosperous countries in Asia.

Ummm yeah - $165k. Hell, training I was looking at in a 8 seat Learjet was $3000 per flight hour. That means a captains salary would earn him about 55 hours training for a year. And thats ignoring things like tax....

so, 1500 hours prior experience eh? I'll get right on that.....

Comment Re:Why did they change the requirements? (Score 5, Informative) 421

Pilot training up to the level required for even the most basic job (instructor) is going to cost $50,000 or more. You can't pay that back on a $20,000 a year salary. Pilots do it because they love flying.

Disclaimer: I am a private pilot doing my commercial flight test in ~14 hours time.

This situation is completely correct. I've lived on sweet fuck all incoming for 5 years (think less than $25000AUD). My training here in Australia has totalled to around $110,000AUD - not including interest on loans etc. After my test, I'll have ~250 hours total flight time. If I manage to get a job straight after my test, in reality, I can probably earn $35-40k AUD. How do most pilots in my situation survive? They get a second job. Not only does this add to fatigue, it certainly doesn't make things safer.

Why do I do it? Because its friggin awesome. If you want to fly to make a buck, then you live in another world.

In a nutshell, the aviation industry is fucked. Everyone wants to cut their costs as far as possible without violating the law. This means cheap labour in maintenance, cheaper pilots, crappy pay and benefits.

I really miss the wages I was paid in network administration, they were double what I'll get here....

Comment Re:Patriot Act? (Score 4, Interesting) 63

Nope, its true. I used to work for a US owned company in Australia - because of US law, we had to do everything in accordance with Sarbanes–Oxley. It was a royal pain in the ass - 100% pure bureaucracy - and just about doubled the work required to do most of our tasks.

Thankfully, I'm not working there anymore - but that little glimpse into American life really, really made me glad I wasn't working in IT in the US...

Comment Re:On the one hand... (Score 4, Insightful) 316

If you disagree, tell me one country which would do a better job. And then tell me how much influence they'd have over the ITU.

I'm not sure if there is ANY country up for the job - hence the UN is supposed to represent everyones interests. With the downward spiral being the norm for the US these days, its more scary to me to have them in charge of anything. A few successful lobbies (read $$$$$$) and the internet that we know of is over. No country should have veto powers on the Internet. This includes the US.

Comment Re:*I* Rather be tracked by default (Score 1) 360

It makes me feel good inside to know that I am creating revenue for the website that I visit, which helps cover the cost of providing that website. Tracking a user and giving targeting advertising increases the value of the advertising campaigns, which translates into more money for the website.

Don't fool yourself. I get about 800 unique visits a day to my web site - the data transfer out is about ~550Mb per day of mostly static content. I have a small block of Google Ads on my site - thinking it'd help me pay the bills.

Let me share some results:
In the last 7 days: 1,126 ads displayed, 0 clicks = $0.00
So far this month: 4,172 ads displayed, 2 clicks = $0.33
Last month: 3,903 ads displayed, 7 clicks = $2.98

Since the 1st of June this year, advertising has clocked up $11.02.

Advertising wouldn't even pay for the electricity to run the server. Yes, I could get obnoxious advertisements and make things nasty for the user, but I don't want to. Keep your privacy - as it certainly doesn't benefit the people running the sites...

Comment 208v? ha! (Score 1, Interesting) 21

Ok, so they're getting in on what the rest of the world does with a single phase.

Most of the world is 240v single phase, 415v 3 phase. I don't quite understand how they give up energy savings by using a higher input voltage?

Lower voltage = more amps = more heat
Higher voltate = less amps = less heat.

Comment Re:Name Your Poison (Score 4, Insightful) 698

Even more concerning is the callers at the end.

Not being an American, it was rather a shock to hear a member of the military calling up after the debate that America should invade Iran and they they urge people to vote for a certain candidate so nobody touched the military. The justification? "We have to get them before they get us".

Great work America - fix your shit up by going to war. That worked so well last time.

Comment Re:What's really funny... (Score 1) 396

Samsung parts make up a solid quarter of the electronics in iPhones and iPads! It gets better: Samsung fabricate the phones...!

So what happens to Apple if Samsung decide to be bastards and pull the plug on parts /and/ assembly? What the fuck can Apple do about it? Precisely *nothing*!

And just to make things better, Samsung owns the patents for the 'retina display' - so if Samsung don't sell the screens to Apple, who can Apple get to make them? That's right, nobody.

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - Did you like Total Annihilation? Help KickStart Planetary Annihilation!

An anonymous reader writes: RTS Total Annihilation ( was released in 1997 and 7 years later was still winning awards ( Now, the team that built both TA and its successor, Supreme Commander (, wants to build a modern RTS in the same vein with your help via KickStarter ( Here's some raw meat to get the /. crowd excited: Linux support at launch and DRM-free (, buried).
The Courts

Submission + - New eBay EULA Prohibits Class Action Lawsuits (

dangthill writes: On August 21, eBay updated its end-user agreement by adding a binding arbritration clause. By accepting the new agreement, users forfeit their right to join class action lawsuits and instead must submit to arbitration. However, users may opt-out by mailing eBay a signed notice. eBay joins Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, Valve and other companies attempting to prevent class actions after the Supreme Court of the United States ruled such tactics valid.

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