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Comment Self driving cars offer way more advantages (Score 4, Interesting) 190

why can't google and everyone else support public transportation?

I like public transportation to some degree, but self-driving cars are WAY more useful.

They could really get anyone from anywhere, to anywhere. With public transport you might have to arrange a few transfers, defiantly have to figure out how to get to a pickup location. And it may not go very close to where you want to go.

But a self-driving car solves all those issues. If you think longer term, you could even have self-driving public transports that took a group of people going to roughly the same place to where they wanted to go with a few stops along the way.

So getting self driving cars working helps public transport as much as private transport...

Comment Not Apple PR (Score 1) 147

Apple itself as a company does not like leaks. To the extent they are hiring the Chinese military to clamp down on them...

The leaks/rumors industry is not Apple at all, but a whole range of third parties seeking to discern anything they can about Apple before an announcement.

The reason is of course money... for whatever reason a lot of people seem drawn to these rumor sites, and that creates a lot of advertising revenue.

I was just hoping Slashdot was above doing the same thing...

Comment What is the point of this story? (Score 5, Insightful) 147

I normally don't like looking at Apple Rumor sites at all, or reading about them.

But a story like this seems REALLY pointless. What on earth is the point of publishing the story days before we know for sure what will happen? Just so people can swagger in with last minute "guesses" that hardly count because of last minute leaks?

Much better to discuss the meaning or use of what actually is to come, rather than some possibility which will be potentially dissipated in mere days.

In other words, let the cat at least settle down in the box before you open it.

Comment Re:Damn I'm old... (Score 4, Funny) 126

I kept thinking "I am the very model of a modern Major Perl Framework..."

I am the very model of a modern Major Perl Framework,
But here I am on Slashdot, trying harder from my job to shirk,
From HackerNews to 4chan there's no forum in which I won't lurk,
I am the very model of a modern Major Perl Framework!

Comment Your Problems are my solutions (Score 1, Insightful) 164

1. If you go to their website, nothing indicates this is a non-profit corporation.

And so what??? Were you hoping for a tax break? The only question at hand is, will they do what they promise to do. If so, good enough.

2. None of the people involved has a background in education, child development, psychology, etc.

You know, the same was true when he was on Reading Rainbow the TV show. Do you think that show (a) helped kids of (b) destroyed lives.

In fact I would place his being on Reading Rainbow as having more of a background in education than most people.

Comment Re:In what way is that close to a hoverboard? (Score 1) 66

Well, it has not lost video to a copyright complaint...

But if you ever do find a video of the "WheelGo" in action, you'll notice it seems a hell of a lot less easy to maintain balance than the One Wheel. I'd be scared as hell to get on that WheelGo thing or anything like it, and I can use a Segway just fine.

Comment Re:way overpriced, here's the real one (Score 1) 66

Sorry but that looks way less practical and usable than the One Wheel skateboard-esque design, even if it uses some of the same parts. Watch the One Wheel Kickstarter video to compare.

In your video you can see the woman just barely maintaining balance... and the people riding it have to stand stock still apparently or all is lost.

Comment Time for ObamaNet (Score 2, Insightful) 114

Make purchase of Comcast internet a mandatory thing for all americans.

Now the poor have internet, and are only somewhat more poor!

Hey, it worked for the insurance industry and healthcare policies.

Although to be fair the analogy is not really complete unless you also make all americans purchase HBA/Showtime/MLB packages.

Comment It was never about what can work (Score 1) 147

Why don't the studios let Netflix stream the movies that are currently only available as physical DVDs

Because the studios are asking more money than Netflix can pay at a flat rate for streaming. Simpler answer: The studios hate money, or rather they value imaginary money more than real money so they maximize the imaginary return.

Why are you trying to ask a rational question of an entity that has shown no degree of rationality? You come across as the very worst sort of engineer, explaining how something can technically work when we all know it can technically work and the thing holding everything back is not technology at all.

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