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Comment Re:They do, kind of (Score 2) 89

Percentage wise though, a wider net hits a higher absolute number of the "right people". And certainly a more diverse set of people than the people that attend CES. In fact I almost wonder if you couldn't blame the absolute wasteland of gadget quality or usefulness to CES itself creating a horribly effective echo chamber in which the same ideas just bounce back and forth in a very insular community. I've been attending CES for years and it's literally the last place on earth I would go to launch a product or get feedback from real consumers. I would instead drive to the middle of Iowa and pay for a beer fest for an entire small town, then get feedback from them about your product after they had knocked back a few. You want feedback?

You probably can't handle REAL feedback...

Comment Re:No, you don't (Score 1) 295

Yeah, right. You do and you don't realize it. With fits with your other divorces from reality. I have literally only encountered ONE PERSON in twenty years of driving who did not speed up as I wen to pass.

I can for sure tell with your mindset you love sticking it to drivers you deem not as awesome as yourself for sticking to the limit and making driving miserable for thousands behind you.

Comment They do, kind of (Score 5, Interesting) 89

CES has a "New and innovative Technology" section (not the actual name I think), in the Venetian (the main show is in the convention center). It's where a lot of smaller and more interesting companies hang out.

CES has done what they can to separate smaller companies with new stuff from the establishes behemoths of the show that have blocks of display space. The real question is, what value can a company gain even if they are noticeable there? For the money you spend going to CES you could reach so many more people in other ways I think, virtual and physical...

Comment No, you don't (Score 2) 295

I drive the speed limit and not one kph faster.

If you want to go faster, pass me.

The problem is when I try you speed up by 10Mph.

Otherwise I'd be pleased to go around you without fuss.

So I either fall back and we go back to doing the speed limit, or I drive 20MP over the limit just to get around you which I didn't want to do either. I will happily cut you off in the process if I need to get over rapidly, endangering both of us.

I just wanted to go a little over the limit (in part because I'd like to at least go the speed limit, which you are actually not doing because speedometers all cut a few MPH off the actual speed you are going).

When cars try to pass me, do you know what I do? I slow down a few MPH until they finish passing, making the whole experience pleasant and safer for everyone. So, you know, take notes here.

I'm not quite sure of the source of the boiling rage you harbor that makes you feel the need to try and control other people's speed. But it's not healthy for you or anyone else.

Comment You can still replace (Score 2) 234

There are consequences to that position, such as not being able to replace the battery yourself

That's not even true though, it's actually not that hard to replace the battery on most of the Apple laptops. It just means taking out some screws (and a few other steps).

It just means not having a door so really anyone can do it.

Comment You aren't paying if you don't want (Score 2) 234

USB 3.0 is fast enough for spinning media and it works just fine on a Mac Pro. It's in theory fast enough for any SATA drive (including SSD 6GBs SATA drives). USB 3.0 docks are also quite cheap and come in a wide range of options.

Thunderbolt is for when you want real speed, faster than SATA can go... Or you want something more reliable than USB. In that case it may be worth paying something extra.

Comment Define compete (Score 1) 228

There is a difference between a mandate to buy something when there are competing suppliers of the product

At least one state has only one Obamacare provider.

Also none of the insurance companies really "compete" because they can't sell insurance across state lines. That's why insurance rates and health care costs are so high, because real competition is not allowed. A small number of players are allowed to control each state (Hello Cable Monopoly).

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