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Comment Define compete (Score 1) 228

There is a difference between a mandate to buy something when there are competing suppliers of the product

At least one state has only one Obamacare provider.

Also none of the insurance companies really "compete" because they can't sell insurance across state lines. That's why insurance rates and health care costs are so high, because real competition is not allowed. A small number of players are allowed to control each state (Hello Cable Monopoly).

Comment No regulations required, just permissions (Score 1) 78

For example, should it be legal for an advertising company to buzz around my home with a drone based billboard?

All drone issues are solved if you simply implement the Colorado law allowing people to purchase drone hunting licenses. If a drone is doing something anyone dislikes, it will be removed from the sky legally. That should put a big cap on annoying uses of drones and frankly I'm not sure there would be any left between the people annoyed and those hunting the drones just for the hell of it.

Comment Re: A couple things about TFA (Score 0) 396

I can think of lots of other reasons why they would also be upset. But the non-Muslim reason is primary and not something you can wave away, even if you fix the other things.

Some people you literally cannot please - so why try if it makes no sense? They are also offended at our allowing gay marriage, perhaps instead the nation should stop placating the gay population and stone or execute them instead? Is that really want you want? I would instead say, we ignore what people we cannot be pleased think.

Comment Defense in depth (Score 1) 396

The current strategy of the U.S. in regards to infrastructure defense is simple - defense in depth.

By spending very little on road maintenance, it's highly likely terrorists will either get a flat tire on the way to attack a power station, or the guns will cook off a few rounds when a bump is hit likely harming the car or terrorists.

As a last ditch defense, the federally required signs not to pee on high-voltage transformers will be removed, thereby cooking the terrorists when they get there as they are sure to do such a stupid thing with no warnings posted.

Comment Re: A couple things about TFA (Score -1, Troll) 396

They hate us for usually-pretty-valid reasons

All islamic terrorists - therefore pretty much all of the violent ones - hate us for not being Muslim, full stop.

How is that a "pretty valid reason"?

Any other reason they claim to hate us for doesn't ever stop the hate when we address it.

Comment Re:Potential problem not obvious in video (Score 1) 59

Sure, but often the device twists in such a way that the various legs are nearly combined.

Also I have had rocks turn over on splayed tripod legs, so the middle of the segments laying over rocky areas may not be safe.

I'm just saying real-life rocks are a lot trickier and more treacherous than the Tron Cubes they have pitted it against thus far.

Comment Apple should be the one wary of this (Score 1) 564

Currently people don't seem very keen on buying touch-screen laptops. But lots of laptop makers also bundling Android means suddenly there's a kind of compelling case to get one, where at least there is a selection of software you could run.

Either one apart is not selling that well, but perhaps together they can combine into a Voltron like force to take on Apple.

It will be very interesting to see how these devices end up managing the division.

Comment Why? Developer Developers Developers. And Games. (Score 5, Insightful) 564

Sure, Windows sucks but why would cramming a shitty OEM version of Android make things better?

Because there are a LOT of Android developers now, who would be very tempted to write for this...

But also from the user side, presumably you could play Android games, buying them at Android prices instead of Windows prices (or playing them for free, the dark unfortunate secret of Android).

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