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Comment Re:It sort-of is Atari (Score 1) 127

Kind of... Atari signed up Amiga to design a chipset for them - the Amiga chipset is basically the 800 with bells and whistles, architecturally it's very similar - not surprising since both were Jay Miner designs. CBM started to court Amiga and Amiga returned the cash Atari had paid them before being bought up. Atari then had to rush out the ST from scratch in 6 months to fill the gap.

Comment Re:Details of Atari's near death experiences... (Score 1) 127

head over to Amazon and pick up this incredible new book on Atari - Atari Inc. Business is Fun

Hi Curt ;-)

This is a good book though. Halfway through it myself. If you have a remote interest in Atari, it's a goldmine of info, background and nuggets that hadn't seen the light of day before. Just ignore the typos. Great pics too.

Comment Re:It sort-of is Atari (Score 2) 127

Atari choose a very vertical market - hobby consumer oriented

Not so much in Europe. The ST/TT (more TT) was marketed quite aggressively to business - look at the DTP bundle of Mega ST, laser printer and software that was done. A lot of very high end software came out of Germany and elsewhere to support this. I can't find the numbers now but at one point Atari was the number 3 seller of 'business computers' in Europe, around 1988-89.

Comment Re:It sort-of is Atari (Score 2) 127

I think the disastrous purchase of the Federated store chain in the US was what finally did them . Prior to that, Tramiel had paid off the debt, sold a shit ton of STs etc in Europe and made Atari cash rich. They couldn't get into US shops though so bought Federated at an inflated price only to discover the books had been cooked. It took 2 years of management to sort out and at the end they'd lost most of the money and slipped back in Europe having taken their eye off the R&D ball and never recovered in the computer arena. They went to the Jaguar as a last ditch attempt at returning to their roots but it was too late..

Comment Re:How many products reach that internal milestone (Score 1) 193

Can't see why this is modded down. I'd say it's spot on. Apple tend to come late to every party but learn the lessons from those that came before. Before all the fanboys jump in with the hate, yes, Apple do sometimes get nearer the front if not actually at the fron of the pack but usually, those products fail.

Comment Re:Not good enough. (Score 0) 237

Jesus you lot, give me a break. I'm recalling stories I was told when I was about 11 or 12 and I'm nearly 50 now. Yes, it probably was speed tape, yes it was probably not avgas, yes it poured off the trailing edges not the wings. Don't forget the typo too. I just wanted to pass on some stories I found fun as a kid. Really, really sorry. OK?

Comment Re:Not good enough. (Score 3, Interesting) 237

Back in the day my friend's dad used to fly 707's (yes, it's a very old story) and whilst taxiing, they managed to gouge a chunk out a wing. This was at a US airport. They needed to get the plane to Australia to get the replacement wing so they moved the plane somewhere quiet at the airport and duct taped up the wing. They were told to be careful no one saw what they were up to. They then had to take off at night when it was quiet so no one could spot the bodged up wing.
My friend's dad was good at that sort of thing. Another time he lost 2 of the 4 engines flying over the UK and was told to dump most of his av-gas to lighten the load so he could land in France for repairs. That involved opening valves that let the gas pour out over the wings. It was bad enough he dumped most of his fuel over a populated area (nice, greasy, thanks mate) but he also had to do it in the middle of a raging thunderstorm. He got struck twice whilst doing the dumping. Amazingly, he and the plane survived to fight another day,

Comment Stating the obvious (Score 3, Interesting) 237

A spokesman for Boeing said they were "absolutely confident in the reliability and performance of the 787,"

Why do they ever bother with these quotes - what else are they expected to say? As Mandy Rice Davies once said when asked to comment about a Lord denying he had anything to do with her, "Well, he would, wouldn't he"

Comment Re:Really shows how far ahead they were (Score 1) 115

I'm sure lots of companies had interesting designs and prototypes and based on this article, I'd say Atari had more interesting and forward thinking projects at that time. I'm just reading the new book on Atari's early history and there were some amazing things being worked on. Alas, almost none saw the light of day.

Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 1) 346

You're not wrong but we did try to ensure this didn't happen by having the passwords in sealed envelopes in the safe. We also ensured any key people moving on did a KT session to ensure other people knew how it all worked plus we documented it all as much as possible. That said, as soon as the one manager who was switched on left (and I'd gone by then) it all went downhill rapidly and within a year all the systems had fallen into disuse and/or been replaced by massively more expensive ones.

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