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Comment Re:"What's the big deal?" (Score 1) 172

Except that mobile apps are much more likely to reach people than the web.

So fucking what? An editorial ran in the New York Times is much more likely to reach people than something written on my self hosted blog or my small town newspaper. Does that mean the NYT should be obligated to carry my writing?

Telling developers to just write web apps is telling them to wait in line while the VIPs get to just walk past.

Not anyone's problem but their own.

Comment Re:"What's the big deal?" (Score 1) 172

It's hard for most to understand the harm of having a corporation, a single entity decide what's acceptable.

But, they don't. I went onto the Google Play store just now, and the game was available. I didn't download it, because I had no interest, but if I wanted to, I had full access.

The developer has even put the APK up on their site for download.

Pretty hard to beat that kind of access.

You can reach a lot of people through Apple apps.

And I could reach a lot of people through writing something in the New York Times, or by selling something at WalMart. Doesn't mean either of those parties are obligated to carry my stuff.

Couple the difficulty of grasping this concept with the difficulty of knowing that there's harm being done in the first place and who can you expect to take the right actions except only the smartest?

There isn't harm being done if there was never an obligation to carry the thing in the first place. Their app is still available on other platforms, and there are still the PC and Mac platforms available if they want to reach a wider market.

Comment Re:No jailbreak exemption for tablets (Score 2) 172

That's completely beside the point, and has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. Congress has made no law restricting the publication of a work. However, the people at Apple are NOT Congress, and are therefore not bound by the same restrictions. Just like you're not required to buy an iOS device.

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