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Comment Get them involved! (Score 3, Interesting) 430

Whatever you do, print out some copies of "Snake Wrangling for Kids" to hand out while you're there. It was written for kids who are eight years or older, but chances are there are at least a couple of kids in there who would get it if they looked it over. I gave a copy to my daughter when she was seven and she thought it was pretty fun. Even if nobody has access to some kind of Python install, it may plant seeds for later.

Comment Re:We don't use sudo? (Score 5, Insightful) 592

Really. I consider it a sign of inexperience and an indicator that the admin has never had to clean up after someone else screwed something up as root. That may be the case if you are super meticulous and you've been the only admin everywhere you've been, but no serious environment only has one root level admin and I have yet to meet anyone who was really good and super meticulous all the time.

I'm doing sysadmin, maybe one out of 20 commands I type *have* to be run with root access. If I am doing them all as root then there is a much greater chance of making a mistake and committing that system destroying action or, even worse, doing something subtly bad that nobody knows about until later when it's too late. It also makes me think twice (instead of just once) before executing that command as sudo.

Sudo logs commands that were run, by whom, and when. Even if I didn't care about whether I was root all the time or not, having a log of what was done with that access can be an indispensable tool when doing system troubleshooting. It's also a handy way of telling if someone screwed something up or if j00 wuz pwndz.

To me, running around as root and not using sudo is like using vi to look at a config file you have no intention of editing or similar. It's too easy to slip up and do something wrong once you get "in the groove". Add a page at 4am to that or a situation where you're at the tail end of a 30 hour emergency maint and it's beyond easy to screw things up.

Comment Re:The first? Really? (Score 1) 103

I love Radiohead considerably more than Bon Jovi, but the difference between one song and a whole concert isn't enough to make what they did some kind of revolutionary move. The "free" thing might have been, but when you consider that in those days almost everybody who could afford MTV had a VCR (just like everyone these days who can afford the Internet has a disk drive), and the video was shown ad nauseum when it was released and continued to be played until the mid '90s happened (just like Radiohead's video will be available for download until someone decides that it shouldn't be), it is essentially the same deal.

Comment My thoughts... (Score 1) 1186

While this is an interesting discussion topic, I agree that getting one over another because /. tells you that something is cool is actually not cool at all, and to do so actually shows that you are maybe not ready for tattoos. If it's not really meaningful to you, don't get it. That said, you can safely ignore the douche brigade telling you that tattoos are "lame" and "forever". Getting a picture of a skull with a pair of crossed machine guns under it with a Confederate flag in the background is one thing, being a math nerd and getting some equations inked is quite another. My advice would be to go with the ones you know you want and leave some space available for later equations. You can always go get more ink, and you will probably come up with a lot of additional ideas once you have a couple of the equations inked.

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