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Comment Sci Fi Story about that (Score 1) 362

Sort of off topic but there was a science fiction story about this scientist who created a potion that could make him smaller, and he just kept shrinking and shrinking, and all the different worlds he went thru each time, atoms turned into solar systems, and he just kept going down, down, down into infinite smallness. The story is here.

Comment Re:Remember kids (Score -1, Flamebait) 396

The most expensive cable I can find, WireWorld Platinum Starlight, legend has it costs a thousand bucks a meter, boasts of, "carbon fiber connectors and 24 solid silver conductors in the DNA Helix design, to deliver the richest sonic textures and the most tactile images that the finest A/V systems can produce." It's not just twisted pair, it's "patent-pending DNA Helix cable design, which has 24 conductors – double that of conventional HDMI cables – arranged in an innovative symmetrical geometry that reduces noise while providing a precisely balanced 100-ohm impedance at every point along the cable’s length. These advantages minimize the timing errors known as digital jitter and the resulting data corruption, to produce amazing improvements in sound and image quality". Not only that, but "Common lengths of Platinum Starlight HDMI cable are capable of transfer rates above 30 Gigabits per second, far exceeding the HDMI v1.4 High Speed with Ethernet specification of 10.2 Gigabits per second. These extraordinary cables reveal an astonishing new dimension of acoustic and visual detail, bringing music, film and sporting events to life in your home."

Bwahahahahah. Can you imagine being invited to your gay boss' party and trying to keep a straight face while he explains why his A/V system is so much better than everyone elses.

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