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Comment Re:its the truth - you just don't like it. (Score 1) 919

You don't back up your claims and you generalize your own opinion. "They lost any credibility, and any respect, at that point" may be what you think, but it's not what everyone thinks. Your only valid and somewhat interesting claim is that they "pulled all private corporate leaks and European and other countries leaks," but there could be other reasons for that than being "solely an anti-US espionage org". Still, that's not trolling. Calling for a hanging (of Assange, presumably) is, though.

Comment Re:Youtube link (Score 1) 189

I tried mirroring it, but Youtube tells me the video is 'blocked in some countries'. Not that it would be of much interest, as there's hardly anything said about hometaping killing music.

It seems to me this video was blocked due to some automated process that recognized footage of Meatloaf or Kiss.

The Military

Five Times the US Almost Nuked Itself 384

kdawson writes "io9 has a scary outline of five times the US came close to accidental nuclear disasters. Quoting: 'In August of 1950, ten B-29 Superfortress bombers took off from what was then called Fairfield-Suisun Air Force Base in California, headed for Guam. Each was carrying a Mark IV atom bomb, which was about twice as powerful as the bombs dropped on Japan at the end of World War II. Shortly after takeoff, one of the B-29s had engine trouble. On board was General Robert Travis. He commanded the plane to turn back to the base when the landing gear refused to retract. Sensing the plane was going down, the pilot tried to avoid some base housing before crashing at the northwest corner of the base. The initial impact killed 12 of the 20 people aboard, including General Travis. The resulting fire eventually detonated the 5,000 pounds of conventional explosives that were part of the Mark IV. That massive explosion killed seven people on the ground. Had the bomb been armed with its fissile capsule, the immediate death toll may have reached six figures.'"

Comment Re:xkcd just mentions well-established cliché (Score 1) 337

You do realize that xkcd just mentions well-established clichés, right?

No I don't. You could apply this logic to everything that was ever written, claiming that every single thought has been uttered before (making your statement a cliché as well). Where's the fun in that? And what does count as 'original'?

By the way, I'm a dipshit: xkcd is very funny.

Comment Re:It's amazing anyone employs him (Score 4, Insightful) 337

I don't know how to jolt myself into seeing what each moment could become. But I do know one thing: the solution doesn't involve watering down my every little idea and creative impulse for the sake of some day easing my fit into a mold. It doesn't involve tempering my life to better fit someone's expectations. It doesn't involve constantly holding back for fear of shaking things up.

Some xkcd's become clichés for a reason. This is one of them. xkcd 137.

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