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Comment Re:local "laws"? (Score 1) 50

It's a good question; Is an unjust law still a valid law? I think we can agree in some broad sense that local statutes which violate human rights are unjust. Now the trick is to agree on "Human Rights" (see the UN's work in this regard for a culturally agnostic version) and on whether it is ok to violate unjust laws... Personally, I think so.

Comment Re:CGI wishes (Score 2) 282

Here's an idea for your libertarian brain... Let's make them liable for any images that would mislead a customer. If you offer a picture of a big, juicy, appetizing Whopper in your ad, you better deliver something that is very close to that when I walk in to your store.

The system you so hilariously defend depends upon customers with accurate information. Lies break the "free market" and cause it to be skewed in favor of the lairs. In most cases, it favors the company/corporation.

Comment Re:Psychology is a science. (Score 1) 254

How about you cite something enlightening... If it's more advanced than the AC above suggested, you might change my mind, but I am seriously skeptical. I've read enough on sociology and political science to say that those fields are hopeless as far as hard science goes. Maybe there's something special about psychology that we've all missed...

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