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Comment Rubbish (Score 2) 403

While Win 8 may have a whole bunch of other problems, what you've stated is not one. If you assume AV technology is so primitive so as to be completely ineffective simply because virus writers will check against it, well, your assumptions need to be reconsidered. Do you think current viruses are not checked against Norton/McAffee/etc?

As long as users (or the software itself) updates the AV database regularly, the chances of an infection are indeed reduced to a huge degree. When a new virus hits, a few computers indeed will be compromised, but the flip side of that is that the signature will enter the database, so everyone else is safe.

Including a AV by default is a good thing. I only hope it is a competently designed application.

Comment Re:I generate my passwords (Score 2) 497

> SHA1 HMAC( PW, domain + salt ) -- Output as Base64 (where + is concatenation).

Interesting! So as long as the attacker does not have access to your local machine, you have more protection. (your password couls still be known for a single site, but could not be used elsewhere, does nto give away your 'formula' for passwords (like ending it with the site name, etc).

Do you have this integrated with keepass or something? This should be a desktop tool, hosted on github.

Comment Re:OFFS! (Score 4, Interesting) 563

A GPU is till a CPU. Either your intel chip will render the text (which involves font files/ glyps/ floating point math), or your Nvidia GPU will, which has specifica hardware instructions optmized for the tasks which rendering text needs.

So really, I can see why offloading rendering text to GPU makes sense.

Comment Reach out the the owners? (Score 2) 234

For small to medium software, the reason it isn't sold anymore is that it was probably not successful commercially. Find a way to reach out to them and see if they would be interested in releasing the code (and if they own the entire copyright).

I recently helped revive a 5 year old screenwriting software (, which is a niche editing field, ruled by 200+$ alternatives (Final Draft/MMS). I work on this simply because this will more than serve the need of most of the market, and it's fun to program. I could do that because the original developer had opened it when it was not successful commercially.

Comment Re:I recorded one (Score 4, Informative) 473


It's funnier to me because you probaby did not catch him swearing in hindi. At around 17:32 he goes "madarchod have you put the dot", which transates to "Motherf**ker have you put the dot", and you go "Dot, yes".

Then at 19:28 he goes "kahan se ... behenchod" which is roughly "Where did this sisterf**ker come from?".

And then the end was epic! A++ would hear more recorded conversations

Comment Film vs digital is not whining (Score 1) 607

While 24/48 fps is largely about what people are used to, film vs digital as a recoding medium is an actual loss for the art form.

Film still has an extremely versatile response to light, and no digital sensors have yet been able to capture all of the nuance. Some digital cameras have matched the dynamic range, some the color tones, and some everything, but under very strict conditions. Such cameras are The Red and Alexa.

Thus the move to digital is reducing the options available to autuers. A new generation of filmmakers is being inducted whose options are less than the previous generation. And the audience this has a lowered range as well.

This is what proponents of film are complaining about. This complain will be moot when a sensor comes along that will replace film. That day has not yet come.

(I'm a filmmaker, and I shoot digital, simply because I cannot afford film - yet. But i do understand what I lose when I shoot digital.)

Comment Re:Hybrid system (Score 1) 607

For 24fps, you only shoot 1/48 with a 180* shutter. If you choose a 360 (or something close like 350 to allow for frame change) shutter, you can do so with 1/24 shutter speed. Thus 48fps could technically be shot with 1/48 shutter speed too, specially now that digital is picking up over film in many major films. You can get the same motion blur with 48fps!

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