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Comment Re:Driver's Manual (Score 1) 211

My mathematics textbook is 600 pages but there is only 1 page with the information that I need to solve a problem. Doesn't mean the book has only 1 page of useful information.

Wow! Did your textbook contain 599 pages of "this equation is not designed to be used in the rain" type of legaleze? B-)

About the only thing worse than car owner manuals is car baby seat installation manuals. These are almost impossible to read because the disclaimers are so thick one can't even find the instructions supposedly within them. There are more red-circle-prohibitions than how-to diagrams!

Comment IRS+USPS (Score 2) 208

I was treasurer of a small non-profit ($200k/yr) and our Form 990 filing ran about 60 pages. That's tedious, but was normally straightforward. The interesting part came when filing for the automatic 3-month extension* (Form 8460?) in the mail. The USPS seems to tuck these forms behind the counter, and wait till the deadline passes. Then the IRS would take a month to tell us that the extension was received 3 days late, and we owed them a fine of $1000/day for 40 days. Then we'd appeal, say we were sorry and it won't happen again and "procedures have been put in place". That would normally appease them. The "procedure" is to use registered mail, or file for the extension immediately at the close of the financial year.

Anyway, my point is that the filing was not trivial. There were many things that could go wrong.

Also, donations over $5000 must be tracked and reported individually. You'll get a big smile from your 501(c)3 accountant if you donate $4999.

* We always filed the extension because, by and large, our books were not stable until well after the regular filing deadline---mostly people "forgot" to cash checks we wrote, so we had to let the checks expire, which took 6 months.

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