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Comment Why not include *where* we are? (Score 3, Interesting) 480

I'm certainly no expert in the security of GPS/spoofing, but since so many of our devices have location services built in, couldn't we add *where* we are trying to gain access as a relevant factor? Perhaps the security system could ask for a mere simple password if it sees that you are currently at home, and requires secondary authentication (RSA fob, Goggle Auth, etc.) someplace you haven't been before. Most people who have stolen your credentials aren't going to log in from your house (short of your own kids, but if that happens, you have bigger problems).

Comment Re:"The good news"? (Score 1) 196

Maybe, but consider... Movie studios don't make money on movies that get bad reviews. So if they make it impossible for people to find reviews of a new release, they can sucker more patrons to the theater before word gets around. How many movies do you go see after finding reviews with one and two stars? And given the utter unimaginative crap that Hollywood is passing off for entertainment lately, this may actually be a reasonable business move for them.

Comment Re:Don't use iOS (Score 1) 573

I think what they are trying to say is that you still have to get it from somewhere, sideloaded or not. If the ugly patent people do their jobs, they would send legal takedown notices to any place they find has the software. 10 minutes on Google would cover 90% of them. I suppose those places could ignore the notices, but why would they risk that? Alternately, PRC, SCS could simply send a cease and desist to the app maker, preventing any further updates at all, anywhere. Which is what the GP was speaking to in the first place. The fact that it's on iOS remains irrelevant.

Comment Re:Sony MDR 7506 (Score 1) 448

Honestly, I would be quite surprised to find a decent pair of headphones (sound and comfort-wise) for less than $100. For less than $50 you can probably get something light and comfy, but it'll be crap for sound quality and isolation. Or you can find something that isolates well, but squeezes your brains out your nose and sounds like the inside of a garbage can. But once you hit the $100 mark, then you start to have some real choices. I've had three pairs of MDR V6's, and for the money, I have yet to find anything close in terms of sound, isolation, and comfort. BUT - Sony has turned the physical *quality* of these headphones into utter garbage. The first pair I had lasted 10 years with pretty hard abuse. The second pair made it 2 years before literally falling apart. They also changed the material used to make the spiral phono cord into that horrid Sony patented TangleMatic crap that got so bad that I finally chopped the damnable thing off and put on my own shorter straight cord, as any 'studio monitor' should have in the first place. My third pair is already dying (cushions) after less than a year, and the cord is getting snipped this weekend.

The sound range on the V6's is incredible for the money, but damnitall, Sony has dropped the ball on quality and that alone makes them a poor choice today.

Comment Re:Why Sync at all? (Score 1) 239

Any serious photographer is probably going to be shooting camera RAW format, which, with any modern digital camera is going to be at least 16 megs an image or more. This guy says he's shooting 200-300 images *a day*. So 3.2 gigs conservative, to 6.3 gigs with a 10 megapixel sensor. Per day. Upload. On WiFi... And all that while he's out someplace with an unfamiliar/restricted network (hotel, internet cafe etc...).

Yeah, that'll work.

Comment Does cable internet count? (Score 1) 648

Or just a cable TV subscription? Seems like it would have to be the TV side to make *any* sense at all for them.

Why is the government not splitting cable companies in two? One side for TV, and one side for internet - since the two are now in competition with each other.

And when did cable companies start *making* content? Aren't they distributors of content?

Comment Re:Why does Apple hate America? (Score 1) 599

Corporations aren't "moral" or "immoral". They are machines for profit. Always. This is why Citizens United was such an outrageous mistake. We gave corporations all the protections and benefits of "people", without the moral regulation that usually comes with them. Corporations like Apple are only doing what corporations do. It's a little like bringing a wild animal into your home and then being angry at them when they bite you. Is biting you wrong? Sure, but that's what wild animals do.

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