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Comment Re:Empathy (Score 1) 113

I just noticed the Eee PC microphone issue when I installed the Gmail video chat client yesterday. I didn't feel like looking for a solution right away, but lo and behold, here it is. If I had the points I'd mod you up, instead, I'll just says thanks.

Comment Re:More Juggalo research is needed (Score 2, Informative) 198

I can't see the use for trying to educate them; for one, it's a waste of effort...

Especially considering one of the lyrics to the song is "I don't wanna talk to no scientist; ya'll motherfuckers lying and getting me pissed." They know there are educated explanations for rainbows and making babies--they may even know what they are--but it's just anti-religious elitism worth ignoring. Let them have their magical magnets. Any fans that take it that seriously probably weren't going to go on to be the next Gauss anyway.

Comment Re:Whoa, whoa (Score 1) 983

reliable essential functions

Oh sweet. iPhone supports Google Voice now? And it runs in the background? Nice!

Oh wait, you must mean the functions that Apple decides are essential to me...too bad I still have a mind of my own and the ability to decide what I do and don't need. I guess I'll stick with Android until that changes due to stroke, lobotomy, etc.

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