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Comment 3 methods (Score 1) 459

Yes... first go with whole disk encryption. (TrueCrypt)
Then personalize yourself a nice rootkit, hide your copy of PoisonIvy or similar, and keep the keylogger running.
If the thief does not reboot the pc, you will capture any personal information on him before he does. Once the PC reboots, your 20 diget key is in full effect..

Comment NEVER (Score 1) 202

from the day i realized that i needed to learn to play doom1 via a keyboard... that was it. Now with my super high-rez mouse, xtra large teflon gaming mouse pad will pwn ANY colsole player. ANY.
All the talk aside, there is no way for a controller you use with your thumb can compare to the length of my arm when it goes to precise movments. Any real gamer understands all this,... it's only the console wankerz who because they never learned, do not understand. I do not want a better replacement.. i have refinded my keyboard skills over the last 20 years.. nothing can substitute.

Comment Re:Self destruc button (Score 0) 232

then we need the full encryption
i like the open router idea to bounce the traffic around.
Shortrange radio support
a method to create or control voluntary botnets
video & audio live streaming
a map based system for calling out roadblocks, embasies, hospitals.. routes to them... targets.
thats a start... sounds like a laptop

Comment Welcome to 1997 (Score 2, Informative) 254

Long before nubs found napster..
We have a laptop hooked right into the mixer
The club hooked up DSL for 2 nights
Were uploading the stream to our Shoutcast server
Parties in Toronto & Chicago are picking up the stream

by the way... there is a nice little open source app called streamripper that allows you to record the music should it be good enough.
So yeah... good idea recording industry stay ahead of the curve..

Comment Re:Sorry Cisco (Score 1) 93

With Cisco building modules that can handle normal server tasks right on the gateway... why not build your own servers. I hope they do well, i respect Cisco... the other main players I only deal with because i have to. HP, Dell... phaa
Can Cisco enter the market with some competitive pricing is the big question..
Linux Business

"Good Enough" Computers Are the Future 515

An anonymous reader writes "Over on the PC World blog, Keir Thomas engages in some speculative thinking. Pretending to be writing from the year 2025, he describes a world of 'Good Enough computing,' wherein ultra-cheap PCs and notebooks (created to help end-users weather the 'Great Recession' of the early 21st century) are coupled to open source operating systems. This is possible because even the cheapest chips have all the power most people need nowadays. In what is effectively the present situation with netbooks writ large, he sees a future where Microsoft is priced out of the entire desktop operating system market and can't compete. It's a fun read that raises some interesting points."

Comment Gaming Laptop for the win. (Score 1) 236

A couple quality gaming notebooks along w/ NAS style of storage. (BlacX w/ your Hitachi TB drives.) Using Solar along side deep cycle batteries + inverter might help you juggle your power losses.
Each notebook should have be able to host at least 3 moderate guest machines.
Setting up a scenario like this is not cheap if your talking under 10G.

*grab a small Honda generator also.

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