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Comment Re:Developers (Score 1) 450

Yes, I'm a developer at an EDA company, and it is the same with me. I have a rack-mounted server somewhere on the campus, and I use Nxclient to connect to it, along with VPN when I'm at home. So no matter where I am, I get the same desktop the way I left it, as the server is rarely rebooted. We have a large code-base and there is a huge array of tools needed for building and testing, so it wouldn't make sense to try to get them on a local machine.

Someone above said it was about 'control', but that's only partially true. Yes, the tools and source-code are centralized. But it also gave me more freedom, for example, using Ubuntu on my company laptop, since all I need is Nxclient (or VNC) it order to get work done.

Comment Re:Can't Do Much (Score 1) 312

I'd hope that most of us have a general idea of what goes on in an automobile. We know that electricity is used to create sparks in the engine that explode gasoline, which was sprayed in by fuel injectors, and we know there's a coolant system with a water-pump and radiator. I don't do any work on my own car, but I'd know that I was being scammed if a repair shop said they needed to 'reverse the neutron flow'.:-)

OTOH, I really don't have clue what computer viruses and spy-ware do, even though I've been using computers for years and am a software engineer. But then, running Linux (and in the past, Unix), I've never had much need to find out.

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