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Comment Re:Linux Peace Prize? (Score 1) 541

But think of all the people from around the world who have been cooperating on various open-source projects. The thought of going to war over some perceived national slight seems even less attractive when you know that your 'enemies' are the same sort of computer geeks as you.

Comment Re:Wonder why women are so uncomfortable... (Score 1) 572

Maybe they should have had male dancers offer lap-dances to the women.:-)

I went to a dance festival a few months ago where they offered a 'lap-dancing for men' workshop, and women were invited to be the recipients. I attended this, expecting that there would be lots of men but few women willing to be our 'partners'. Turned out I was wrong, and there were more women than guys. Even though we weren't generally a group of hot men (... I'm a middle-aged software engineer), I was suprised to find that such a large number of women wanted lap-dances!

And BTW, lap-dancing is hard work! My legs were sore for 2 days afterwards.

Comment Re:More on the "iPod for books" (Score 1) 350

Yep. I was reading Dombey & Son, free from Guttenberg, on my netbook, but it just never felt right. So I ended up buying a used paper copy at the bookstore for around $4. There are lots of recent books available for under $10, and a book takes a lot longer to get through than $10 worth of music.

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