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Comment Lots of easy landfill reductions (Score 2) 861

As someone that recycles a bunch, and has spent a fair amount of time around transfer stations and landfills, I can tell you that even if we skip right past the Reduction and Reuse components of the 3 Rs, if the following were recyclable at the curbside in every area rather than just in some areas, and if recycling was made compulsory, landfill usage would shrink by around 80%:

Cardboard On any given day this material alone counts for roughly 20% of my local transfer station's haul.

Landscaping refuse .I see so many bags of grass, tree branches, etc. that the front-end loaders have difficulty piling it up.

Paperboard This is the majority of food packaging, and covers most junk mail that isn't 'crumple-able'.

Food The amount of food we waste in the U.S. is staggering. Before my own family made conscious changes were were wasting 25-30% of everything we brought home. Thanks to variable work hours, even with careful planning we still waste 5-10% each week. If you think of the total mass of food you consume in a week, this quickly adds up across your local population. In restaurant-laden areas like San Francisco, especially with all of the buffets in Chinatown, the food waste is exponentially higher (did you see the Dirty Jobs episode where Mike spent a shift with the garbage collectors? Sheesh.)

Appliances (you'd be surprised by how many of these hit the transfer station every day. The workers line them up along the edge of the property, because their company sells the items to recyclers).

Since we reduced the amount of stuff we bring to the house, learned how to reuse a lot of stuff (such as composting), and learned how and where to recycle the rest, our 95-gallon trash bin only goes to the curb two or three times a year (and that's mostly due to shipping styrofoam and combination materials that cannot be recycled).

Comment Who cares? (Score 1) 293

Seriously, who cares what anyone at Microsoft has to say about anything in the mobile world? They entered last, they're running dead last, and offer nothing new at all to the entirety of the mobile industry. In other words, they are far from being experts on anything in the mobile field, and should not be sought for comments on it.

Comment Time to bring Amazon Instant Video into our home (Score 1) 488

For the cost of the 1-at-a-time DVD plan with Netflix we can get 2-3 streaming rentals from Amazon for the exact same movies.

Our Roku player already has the ability to tie in with Amazon's service, so all Netflix did with this was lose $2/month from us. We were on the $9.99/mo plan, but just switched it to the streaming-only, $7.99 plan.

Comment Linux gaming (Score 1) 136

This does not bode well at all for Linux gaming. For the 10 years I've tried them ATI cards (more specifically their drivers) have never worked well in Linux. If M$ gets a hold of Nvidia I wouldn't be at all surprised to see NVidia's support for Linux wane as well.

Comment "Visual Voiemail" forces you off of wifi (Score 1) 364

Another ironic facet to this is that T-Mobiles "Visual Voicemail" service (it's not what it sounds like, just your contact's photo attached to a visual list of downloaded voicemail messages) won't work over wifi in any fashion, and generates no less than 2 errors each time I get a voicemail message on my phone while connected to a wifi.

When you call to get support for this issue their "fix" is to turn off the wifi antenna and just let the phone live on their 3G network full time.

That doesn't lend itself to a 500MB data cap now, does it?

Comment American Express has this in some of their cards (Score 1) 137

American Express has had this in some of their cards for a few years but there are two issues with it that keep me from taking advantage of it:

1) They are so keen to promote their RFID system that it uses that system's name as the description of the transaction in your statement. To see what merchant you actually transacted with you have to drill down in that statement entry every single time. Not only is this a PITA but it may require more user effort to spot fraudulent activity when it occurs.

2) I use a money clip, so taking it out of my pocket and waving it within an inch of the transponder isn't much different than peeling that card off the top and swiping it. Considering the statement issue in #1 I am happy to spend the extra second to swipe. Either way the money clip is coming out of my pocket, and that takes longer to accomplish than swiping or waving anyway.

#2 above would be negated by using a cell phone rather than a card, but if #1 isn't accounted for I'll just keep swiping my card, thank you.

Comment Filtering is wonderful (Score 1) 309

The Human Resource Director goes to photocopy the new Employee Handbook, which contains this entry:

"No computer, physical mailings or any other media shall contain or promote pornography (including but not limited to child pornography and bestiality). Any violation of this policy will be dealt with severely and quickly, and could result in termination."

The copy job is denied and simply goes away. The Director doesn't know why her job didn't complete so she tries it again, and again a 3rd time before moving on to a different copier.

The Network Administrator receives this email message, pre-marked as high priority:


User 'HR Dir' is a sadomasochistic, highly active and prolific peddler of child, farm animal and pet pornography as well as snuff films, and publicly declares their issues with premature ejaculation and poor sexual performance. CLICK HERE to notify your local law enforcement agencies."

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