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Comment Re:Photonical engineering (Score 3, Interesting) 92

I took a biophotonics course at university. The reason they don't teach this much: its dense, and extremely difficult. While the equations might look pretty in Transmission / Waves class, when you actually get down to the scale of molecules and the like, with all of the complications that entails, it is virtually impossible to make meaningful sense of the mathematical results. The best you can do is a computer simulation, which is occasionally useful, and of course test in the lab.

Comment Re:RIAA is right on this one. (Score 4, Interesting) 138

âoeI certainly donâ(TM)t agree that I am violating any law.â

And his justification:

âoeThat is so outrageously unconstitutional that I would prefer myself to honor the United States Constitution and take my chances that recording a conversation with a judge in a federal case and opposing lawyers is somehow in violation of a Massachusetts statute that makes me a felon,â Nesson said.

While I can certainly see how perhaps there are cases where this sort of behavior would indeed be very bad, in this particular case I think Nesson is right.

Comment Re:Cap & Trade = Energy Rationing (Score 0) 874

I, like you, see our destruction of the environment as a debt to future generations and actions must be taken to protect the world for the future, however, please consider the fact that our children won't have a future if we've spent out economy into oblivion. If you are ok with the United States going up to 25% unemployment again, people by the tens-of-millions living on the streets on in shelters, and your children having little to no education (or an advantage really) to speak of all for the protection of the environment, then I guess such considerations need not be made.

I believe this to be a false choice. You seem to imply that the current implementation proposed would cause a complete economic disaster. I do not see this as the case. Other countries have done what we are proposing, in fact the rest of the developed world with the exception of China have done it.

Comment Re:it's really bad (Score 1) 677

This is "teaching to the test" at its worst. Proofs are on the exams to get money. Improved curriculum doesn't do anything if the standardized exams don't change too. I had plenty of good teachers, who wanted to teach - and ended up basically prepping students to perform well on standardized exams just so funding wouldn't get slashed.
While we are on the subject - the whole public school system is no longer really teaching kids anything of value. Its basically an expensive babysitting service. What exactly is a high school graduate qualified for anymore?

Comment Imaging and resolution (Score 2, Informative) 71

This is really sweet. If you've ever looked at some of the images that researchers produce when trying to get an idea of where in a cell things are going on using GFP - this image is really clean. An AAAS webinar on the subject recently seemed to indicate that most of the improvements have come about due to how the image is processed. In any case this calls for a big congrats to the researchers.

Comment Re:But Al Gore says (Score 1) 658

People are quite cockroachlike, though not quite cockroaches ourselves. We will survive as a species in some sort of existence if any animals of 30+ pounds survive.

[citation needed]. I'm going to have to disagree here. We may make it for 1000 more years, hell perhaps longer. Ultimately however, the bacteria still own this planet and they are going to do just fine regardless of what stupid shenanigans we are up to in the meantime.

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