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Comment Re:F Globalization! (Score 2, Insightful) 665

There's something everyone should remember when following the 'vote-with-your-wallet' idea. Tell the company! And I don't mean post to /. something you hope they'll read or hear about, send an e-mail or a letter to Valve letting them know they lost a customer with their policies. When they hold meetings to determine how to sell more copies, I highly doubt this is the type of thing that comes up.

Submission + - Star Trek "DeMastered" Video Service Launc

lopy writes: "The Star Trek franchise has partnered with the little known DuroSport Corporation to launch a new video download service. The service will offer "DeMastered" versions of classic Trek episodes. The new releases roll-back the quality enhancements of recent years and attempt to replicate the experience viewers had while watching the original series on TV in the 1960's. Medialoper was given a preview, and they've just posted a scathing review of this odd new service."

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