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Comment Re: Government vs terrorists (Score 5, Insightful) 395

False. Things which were true in the past, but not now, are false. He is not a top ranking policeman any more than George Bush is the US president.

For reference, he's the cunt who tried to prevent an investigation into the shooting of an innocent Brazillian electrician in cold blood by his poorly-trained (but apparently the best you've got) underlings who thought he was a middle-eastern terrorist bomber.

Everything this man says about secrets is tainted. He's Captain Coverup.

Comment Re: Government vs terrorists (Score 1) 395

> Terrorists are a sometimes-maybe-sorta threat. Government is much more terrifying because it is always there protecting itself rather than its citizens.

And have you compared their funding? Orders of magnitude difference. In addition, one of them throws you in prison if you *don't* fund them. More civilised than kneecapping, but ultimately not much different.

At some point you're going to realise that the "love it or leave it" loons are actually right, and you should leave it.

Comment Re:Kind of a warning sign actually (Score 3, Interesting) 362

This kind of thing does happen, so it is important to be transparent so that the issue can be easily appealed and the loan reviewed.

Well; the problem with that is anyone can disavow the legitimacy of their own FB account. Furthermore; they can't possibly meet the FCRA requirements of disclosing all the pertinent information --- they have to disclose it, BUT if they tell you that Person X your "friend on Facebook" is a deadbeat, then the CRA has just broken the law by providing you private data about someone else's finances.

Comment Re:Out-of-body (Score 1) 183

Currently all of science and medicine consider OOB and religious experiences to be hallucinations and that all perception and thought exist in the brain exclusively. If repeatable experiments prove this false, it would open the floodgates.

Just because the person perceive's an OOB experience; doesn't mean their thought ever really left their body.

There may be multiple kinds of OOB experiences, not all the same in nature.

I wouldn't get my hopes up about remote viewing or speaking to the presence or absence of objects that the eyes of the person's body could not physically see.

Comment Re:Kind of a warning sign actually (Score 4, Insightful) 362

What happens when someone else uses your real name maliciously to intentionally associate with other accounts under names of people known to be criminals or bad credit risks, OR when your real name is very common, so there are are 50 facebook accounts with your same name?

Comment Re:And letter case indicates what? (Score 2) 362

So here's an informal poll for readers: Just what, exactly, does using all caps to fill out a form indicate?

That you are statistically more likely to default on the loan. They don't care about cause and effect. If someone showed that people with names beginning with T were 17% more likely to repay the loan than people with names beginning with F, and the difference was statistically relevant, then they'd give better rates to the T's than the F's.

Comment Re:Don't wanna be first... (Score 1) 282

When I was a young kid, and I first heard "literally", I presumed it was something to do with "literature", stuff like Harper Lee or Shakespeare - i.e *fiction*. It must have taken years before I actually checked its dictionary meaning (its literal meaning, one might say), and had quite a shock. Now, every time I see someone "misuse" the word, I initially think "no it wasn't, you're exaggerating ", and then think back and mellow to a "well, you might imagine a diarist (or journalist) writing that" stance, and let it pass. Language changes; this isn't the grossest perversion of the language that I've seen.

Comment Re:Whoah whoah (Score 2, Informative) 151

Fuck ~= vittu, literally cunt, from Swedish fitta

Perkele's harder to translate into English, being the name of an pagan god. So you'd probably want it to be something that offends Church of England sensibilities through blasphemy. I can't think of anything apart from "Hell!" that fits that description at the moment, but that's not really any good as the Finns have "Helvetti" for precisely that meaning. I'm not sure how much the Finns distinguish "perkele" from "saatana" = "satan". It's worth asking a Finn.

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