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Journal Journal: Anyone know who did UPS' website? 5

I would like them to be informed that they are douchewaffles. Even the whole sign-in/password recovery system feels like something running on a 3270.

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Journal Journal: Why I'm not playing Evochron Mercenary

The trial is two days, so I didn't want to start it, and now I've removed it for disk space, and probably won't bother to reinstall. Let this be a lesson to you, limited-time trials are for fucking idiots.


Journal Journal: Oh Steam, how do I hate thee 4

Let me count the ways... I just want to uninstall a game, I don't want to update Steam. I need that disk space back now, not tomorrow.


Journal Journal: why do the democrats keep spamming me 5

They solicited me several times to go to expensive dinners I can't afford, and now they want me to buy "which mitt" mugs. Is it a plot to attempt to drive me to the republican party? It's not going to work, I'll vote third party this time no matter what.

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Journal Journal: RJ;DR. 2

Here's your chance to do something for the web. When a story is posted that requires javascript, JUST SAY NO.

Requires Javascript;Didn't Read. FTW.

Fight back against douchewaffles like Gawker Media who don't understand the web.

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Journal Journal: An open letter to Avira 5

I am getting tired of your popups, and the fact that your facebook app does not support https makes me laugh at your notion of security. I dub thee douchewaffle. Time to look for another free antivirus. Will not recommend Avira for corporate use evar.

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Journal Journal: How retarded, Drupal. 3 now has to run scripts on your computer to render the page with styles. What idiots.

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Journal Journal: Civ IV 1

I guess it wouldn't be Civ if it didn't crash ALL THE DAMNED TIME. They appear to be allocating video memory and then never freeing it. What year is it?

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Journal Journal: anyone looking for a DDoS target? 5

Now, I don't condone this behavior, but if you're getting ready to test a script, why not aim it at I'm tired of them spamming CL :)

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Journal Journal: frozenbyte fail 2

$ sudo ./ ./ error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64$ sudo ./ ./ error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

getlibs didn't fix
nothing in the faq, nothing easy to find in the bug db
hate hate hate stupid installers that add nothing.

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Journal Journal: OK now look 6

I am in as much awe of Jobs' influence as the next guy, but we're talking about a company that under his watch set itself up as the guardian of morality. And we have people writing whole articles about how the 1984 commercial was the truth, man. It's clear that The Onion has it right. Jobs was a technological visionary, but he was also a holier-than-thou asshole. I am not glad he's dead. I'm not even sure I'm glad he won't be helming Apple. I am sure that he doesn't deserve worship any more than any of the rest of us flawed carbon units.

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