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Comment Re: i don't wanna hear how lazy americans are. (Score 1) 120

It must have been that comment moaning about government interference that had me fooled.

Moaning? You wouldn't know moaning if it were up your ass kicking field goals. I was complaining about the specific nature of this government activity, not issuing a sermon against the concept of government. You should see a doctor about that knee. I think they can offer you some sort of treatment to help you stop jerking it.

Comment Slick, but depends on a good SNES controller (Score 2) 49

There's no shortage of those yet but they're really nice controllers as-is, they have a zillion purposes without being cannibalized. And these days you can buy controller parts for a song, so it would be nice to see the design adapted to use some readily available controller replacement parts instead. It would cost only a few bucks more, even assuming a free SNES controller.

Comment Re:We can thank corporate America (Score 0) 282

The number of jobs is dependent on the number of people willing to take the initiative, find a niche they can fill and start businesses to fill the niche and create jobs.

Less the number of people who are discouraged from creating a job by regulations bought and paid for by big business and/or unions specifically to stifle competition.

I see why you didn't log in.

Comment Re: i don't wanna hear how lazy americans are. (Score 1) 120

Why does the government get the blame for not preventing the processed food industry,

Reading comprehension, you fail it. The government gets the blame for being the processed food industry's whore, and every other industry's as well — but that is outside the scope of this conversation.

You can't both believe in a hands off government,

I don't.

Comment Re:Superiority complexes. (Score 1) 104

The fact that someone like Google can't entice others to adopt a Javascript replacement (ie, something everyone says they actually want)

Who is this 'everyone'? Seems like mostly people incapable of contributing to such an effort. And you can't use dart right now without compiling to javascript anyway, so you can only half-use it. This is just based on what's there already, and if it's used, then presumably people will spend effort accelerating it.

Comment Re:Highway Only to Speed Deployment (Score 1) 142

Yeah .. none of these were actual "incidents",

They're all moving violations with associated penalties if prosecuted. They could all reasonably be considered "incidents". The only thing that prevented them from becoming collisions was probably defensive driving on the part of others.

Comment Re:Inherent problems (Score 1) 142

are they going to make the trucks self loading as well?,

Well, we do have the technology. We could have pallets with big fat QR codes slapped on the side (and by "big fat" I mean three inches or so) and robotic pallet jacks unloading the trucks, or trailers with floors that would shove pallets out the back of the truck automatically, and trucks loaded in proper order for that to make sense. For stuff that's delivered by the truckload, a whole trailer or shipping container could be unloaded and just dropped off to be dealt with by someone other than the trucker entirely.

I remember unloading a refrigerated truck with another bloke with a fork lift dolly and a powered tail gate, it took forever to unload.

If the dolly is robotic and it controls the lift gate, then it not only will go quicker than if you're involved (don't need any room for you in the system) but it can use an optimizer to determine what order in which to shift pallets if they aren't in proper order. So can a relatively intelligent human, of course, but what percentage of people shifting pallets are that? Obviously some...

Comment Re:I don't miss Google Reader. I use InoReader now (Score 1) 132

I do use Noscript and Google Analytics (in my NS untrusted list) seems to be on most pages on the net.


I doubt running GA on a page gives Google the same level of information that they would have captured using Google Reader.

What do you think they were capturing there? I'd imagine it to be pretty much the same information. They just want to know what you're reading.

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