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Comment Re:Xbox 360 vs. Wii and original Xbox (Score 2) 285

Except if you want to actually test/debug your XNA-developed games on the 360, you need to pay a $99/year subscription fee. If you don't pay that fee, you can't do anything with your homebrew game other than play it on PC. Additionally, XNA only allows development of games - there's far more to homebrew than just gaming.

Submission + - CyanogenMod 6.0 Released In To The Wild 8

Jeagoss writes: CyanogenMod is the leading open source replacement ROM for Android based phones. With the 6.0 release, a targeted 8 models of phones have been hit with version 2.2 (Froyo) of Google's Android operating system for mobiles. Have a rooted phone? Been wanting a reason for rooting your phone? Head on over to and check out the forums. I think you'll be quite surprised.

Comment Re:False (Score 3, Insightful) 366

I don't know about the GP, but on my 400 minute voice, unlimited text/data plan with T-mobile, I'm paying $65.53/month after all taxes and fees (in MA) with no contract. Before taxes/fees, this plan is $60/month. The same plan when used with a subsidized phone has a pre-taxes/fees price of $80/month. So, over the course of a 2-year contract, the subsidized plan would have me paying an extra $480, plus however much taxes and fees work out to be on the extra 20/month. I've never seen that big of a discount when buying a subsidized phone, so I know what I'll be sticking with.

Comment Re:Operative words (Score 5, Informative) 286

As an example, here is the warning text from the most recent update to the Google Maps application:

This application has access to the following:
  • Your personal information: read contact data, write contact data
  • Services that cost you money: directly call phone numbers
  • Your location: coarse (network-based) location, fine (GPS) location
  • Network communication: full Internet access
  • Your accounts: Google Maps, manage the accounts list, use the authentication credentials of an account
  • Storage: modify/delete SD card contents
  • Phone calls: read phone state and identity
  • Hardware controls: record audio
  • System tools: prevent phone from sleeping, retrieve running applications

These are all displayed to the user in big orange warning text, with an OK/Cancel button below 'em. Every application in the market does this sort of thing, so the user knows exactly what every app is able to do. The article looks like FUD to me.

Comment Re:Low-end HDMI Cables (Score 1) 169

If you don't have sound with your 360's HDMI, it's likely a problem with your TV. I've got a Westinghouse LCD HDTV, and it has problems with HDMI audio every month or so. It'll keep showing the video, but no audio at all over HDMI. The only solution I've found is to unplug the TV's power, wait a minute, then plug it back in. It's a pain, but like everyone else has said, the 360 certainly has HDMI audio, and that's what I have to do to keep it working with my TV.

Comment Re:Been there, done that (Score 1) 290

Eh, I can do it just fine in Boston. It's easiest on foot or bike here, because then there's no need to worry about all the damn one-way streets. I can still manage just fine in a car, though. My friends generally wonder how I manage to do it, and I always tell them it's the map in my head. Going anywhere once is enough for me to be reliably able to get to anywhere else in the area I've already been. Glancing at a map is enough for me to be able to get anywhere new. I may not take the most optimal route, but I never get lost.

Like one of the previous posters, I grew up relying on my feet and a bike for most transportation, but in a suburban environment.

I still want one of those compass belts.

Comment Re:Rooted G1 with WiFi Tether (Score 1) 202

WiFi Tether allows exactly that. You are also able to restrict by MAC address using a nice GUI including notifications when unauthorized and authorized clients connect - it's as simple as clicking a checkbox to add a new client to the allowed list. The encryption is a bit weak for my tastes, though. It currently only supports WEP. My solution is doing everything potentially sensitive through a VPN, but not everybody has that option.

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