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Comment Re:What wrong has Steve done to you? (Score 2) 247

IFF there is a god, I am pretty sure he/she/it is against hoarding cash like crazy.

I think the reason Steve often gets a pass on the cash hoarding is because he seemed like the kind of dreamer that just might need that money someday. I don't mind that James Cameron or Richard Branson are filthy rich because I admire the way they spend much of their fortunes.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 173

I suppose we should all go back to Atari 2600s again?

only if we all have fun playing the game on it. dick.

I agree with GP, I've been playing chess for 30 years and though I play many video games chess is still by far my favorite game. you can even play chess without hardware.

Maybe you could. I'd quickly forget where all of my units had moved without having those little statues on the board with the squares to remind me.

Comment Re:./ed (Score 1) 608

Medical Research? FDA has made things slower and increased costs. Need drugs to get to market sooner.

I'm not for deregulation, but I do think that terminal patients should have the option of using any promising treatment available elsewhere. Why should a person ever have to die from a condition because a possible remedy is considered too risky?

Comment Re:Some church schools excel in science ... (Score 1) 1218

It's only weaseling if Jesus really did not believe in paying the taxes, and I don't know of any reason to assume that was the case. There is a Biblical idea that God "ordains" Kings. It's not saying that all rulers or laws are just, only that they should generally be obeyed. Jesus didn't want to encourage lawlessness, yet wanted to remind his followers that God's laws and Caesar's were two separate things. Caesar's laws should be followed when not in direct conflict with God's, and when there is a conflict, changing the law (if possible) is preferable to violating it.

Comment Re:I got one! (Score 1) 218

Yeah, but they operate with a mindset similar to Disney and try a little too hard, IMHO, to maintain the family friendly image. I understand the value of parent's trust for a brand, but as a company they seem to be leaving a lot of money on the table. Even Disney has subsidiaries that release R rated films for older viewers. Would Nintendo lose their core audience if they had a more "hardcore" brand targeting mature gamers? (OT, but I for one would pay $100 more for a 3DS with decent cameras.)

Comment Re:Belief will make it so. (Score 1) 193

1) 2) "So maybe we're experiencing both global warming and cooling at the same time!" -- That is exactly correct -- the climate is changing. Parts will get hotter, parts will get cooler. The overall trend is up, hence the name "global warming". We're going to lose some arable land but we'll gain some as well. What scares me is sea level rise -- take a look at population density maps over the world to see what I mean.

The human body is mostly water, so overpopulation should offset a rise in the sea level. Failing that we could build lakes and reservoirs. We are good at solving those problems we take seriously enough.

Comment Re:3D isn't really 3D... (Score 1) 261

In the case of the 3DS you'll learn to move the unit as you move your head once you are accustomed to playing it. The 3D sweet-spot isn't that small, if you are holding it in front of you at a proper angle, it works just fine. (If I were flailing around playing a Kinect or Move game there would be more of a problem...) I don't hear that many complaints about the 3DS from people who actually own it, most of the complaints seem to come from people who've only seen store units mounted at waist-height with the 3D cranked all the way up (possibly even watching someone else play). That's not how you'll actually experience it at home. Also, if you want to look around and explore a movie interactively, you are a gamer and not a movie fan. Directors and cinematographers have those titles for a reason.

Comment Re:3D isn't really 3D... (Score 1) 261

"2) The 3D technology isn't really 3D, it's just a 2D illusion, technically you perceive it as 3d, but if you MOVE your HEAD from SIDE to SIDE - the weakness becomes apparant, you simply can't look around, nor past it's not really 3D. In other words, just yesteryear's "oh that was fun" fad..." OK, now you're talking about virtual reality/holodeck immersion. That's not what everyone wants. I don't move my head from side to side to look around in a game, I use the controller to change my point of view. I think traditional games and films work well on a display screen. How are movies even going to work when the audience wants to be able to walk away from the characters and look up into the sky (or whatever)? Not having control of your vantage point is essential to how movies currently work.

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