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Comment Re:IP Address, Car... (Score 1) 189

There is a flaw in this analogy that none of the sibling posts seem to have picked up on: only one person can (legally) display a given number plate / be in control of a car at once, whereas multiple people can and do share IP addresses. A better analogy would be "just because a person is on a bus does not mean they are guilty of infringements committed on that bus."

Comment Re:Anyone who doesn't think that... (Score 1) 1313

So, when there's not enough work to go around, what do we do? Do we let 98% starve (lazy bastards), 1% work as slaves and then 1% live like God-Kings? Do you know an alternative? I'm anxious to hear a solution that doesn't boil down to socialism.

What's wrong with socialism? It seems to be working fine for the Nordic countries.

Comment Re:Will they be releasing source? (Score 1) 107

Ubuntu has been surprisingly close to the chest on this effort. I haven't seen any source code come out for this, or for their Ubuntu for Android work. If they release the source for this, it will be ported to a plethora of devices in a very short time period. There is a very active community of developers on who would be all over this.

So it makes me wonder, if they plan on releasing source at all, or if this will be some closed-source fork, and thus useless.

There's not much that needs to be ported, really. All the Ubuntu-specific stuff is in userspace, so it can be used as is or with a recompile at most. The bit that differs between phones is the kernel, and that's where the bulk of the effort will be in targeting other phones (either in modifying the Android kernel to function like the mainline Linux kernel, or merging the drivers into the mainline kernel).

Comment Re:Not a problem with Ubuntu Phone (Score 1) 92

Gnome used C because there was and is a large group of people who hate C++ and think C a superior language to develop in. It wasn't anything to do with avoiding competition for developers.

I never said that they made the decision for that reason; simply that that was the reason it happened. If KDE had used C, it's likely that many of the people drawn to Gnome during its formation would have been those who preferred C++.

Comment Re:Not a problem with Ubuntu Phone (Score 1) 92

Why do developers seem to pick technologies based on that they ARE NOT what the other guy uses, rather than what benefits they provide? This seems to be the hallmark of the GTK-ish community.

The GTK community was created around that very notion. KDE pre-dated GTK, but used the Qt framework which at the time was published under the controversial QPL (it wasn't until 2000 that Qt was published under the GPL). GTK arose partly as a response to this, and since KDE used C++, using C mitigated the risk of the two projects competing for developers.

The more two competing open source projects use the same technologies, the less distinct their identities. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on how much diversity you prefer.

Comment Btrfs (Score 1) 212

I have a 3 tiered backup solution:
-my desktop and laptop use btrfs as their primary filesystems and take daily snapshots
-once a week the latest snapshot is copied to my server, which has a 4 disk Btrfs RAID* array (singly redundant). This is currently done using rsync, but will eventually use btrfs send once my kernel supports it (Debian user stuck on 3.2 here - any one have any idea when the feature freeze will end?)
-twice a year the server is backed up to some external hard drives

Btrfs provides integrity checks, snapshots, and faster RAID recovery times. Admittedly, it's still in development, but there haven't been any critical bugs in a stable kernel for a while AFAIK.

*I know RAID isn't backup, but what RAID is good for is minimizing the cost of a failure. Normally that refers to downtime, but in this case it's about preventing loss of the data saved since the last offline backup.

Comment Re:Please don't screw up Kmail (Score 1) 89

I'll second this. That said, I'd settle for the ability to reply to HTML emails without totalling the formatting, given that it's pretty much the only reason that I have to use an alternative these days.

(Not sure if this is fixed in a later version - I'm on Debian, so I'm still using 4.4 because of the feature freeze.)

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