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Comment Re:Good example of piracy versus robbery (Score 1) 300

With piracy, a company sells a copy and the buyer makes a copy for someone else(and whether that someone else would have bought a copy without piracy is debatable). If I buy a 99-cent song and give you a copy, that is "piracy".

If you're a friend of mine, I believe that's actually fair use in some jurisdictions.

Comment Re:Solution is easy (Score 1) 453

Speaking as a student, the best physics teacher I ever had previously worked as an engineer. He didn't just teach us the basic theory, but actually forced us to think about the actual components and how they interact. i.e. he encouraged the practical side over the theoretical. I have little doubt that his experience in the field helped him to be such a great teacher.
My systems development teacher was the same - he had prior experience and had been the one to design the school's IT systems, and his teaching reflected that.
tldr: Teaching might not be for everyone, but if you have actual practical experience it puts you in a completely different league to the others.

Comment Re:Monopoly or not. (Score 1) 439

You need to accept the EULA to use the software, because it grants you the license to use it. However, the hardware has already been paid for, and you have every right to use it (or sell it, as per first sale doctrine). The only terms that can affect the hardware are the ones stated when you bought it.
So in theory you could reject the EULA and keep the hardware. Whether or not you could get a refund on OS X is a separate question, although it probably isn't worthwhile when you consider how cheap the boxed copies are compared to Windows.

Comment Re:Monopoly or not. (Score 1) 439

The thing to note here also is that Psystar were modifying Apple's base image and redistributing it without a license to make a derivative work and to then distribute the results. The EULA was only 1 part of the case, they were very on the way to be found guilty of copyright infrigement when they decided to settle with Apple. Not to mention the DMCA claims because they circumvented Apple's protection measures (that kext I listed earlier).

That suggests that there is a work around for them, albeit a messy one. If they sold the computer with a disc that installed & modified OS X by reading it from an original disc (that was purchased from Apple), they should be in the clear, since the act of modifying & installing OS X is being performed by the users.

Comment Re:Nice try, but no. (Score 1) 214

Also most people prefer the keypad over a keyboard for entering Japanese into their phones. This is just how Japanese is. So all those keypad phones are also unpopular.

There's a reason for that: the English alphabet has 26 letters in it, but hiragana (the most common Japanese alphabet) has 48 symbols, excluding diacritics and digraphs. In other words, a full hiragana keyboard would be too big. They probably don't care too much about a keypad based input when most of their writing ends up being converted to kanji anyway.

Comment Re:.Not (Score 1) 558

I used VB.NET in a few classes I took last year for my Masters degree. It is a nice environment to work in, even the 'free' student-grade version. It may even be better than the eclipse-based environment I use at work. My only complaint was that we had to use VB as I dislike BASIC syntax.

Try C#. Same IDE, but the language is very similar to Java (I personally prefer C# to Java).

Comment Problems with the System (Score 1) 71

This is a great example of one of the points I made when I contributed to the public consultation - that games that would have gotten a R18+ rating may be squeezed into the MA15+ category. Because MA15+ is effectively the highest rating, you have to treat it like the R18+ since lots of games that would get R18+ otherwise are pushed (either through censorship or political pressure) into MA15+.

Comment Way Too Many Browsers (Score 1) 169

How many browsers will be on the ballot? Twelve altogether, but just five on the first page.
The first five are Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome, Microsoft's IE, Mozilla's Firefox and Opera. On a second screen, the ballot will list AOL, Maxthon, K-Meleon, Flock, Avant Browser, Sleipnir and SlimBrowser.

Seriously? They should just have stuck with the first five. Plus IE will *still* be installed by default, so this won't solve anything.

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