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Comment Gee.... (Score -1) 646

How might that power be abused. Setting aside partisan politics for a moment I can't see how anyone would think this is a good idea. Even if the goal is to intercept terrorist communications (which sounds more like a dubious excuse than an explanation), what's to stop the terrorists from using end to end encryption?

Comment It's somewhat ironic (Score -1) 1695

I object to the idea of burning the quran, not because I'm a muslim, or find any benefit in the book at all. I just don't see how doing that is going to foster anything but more hatred. I mean really, what do you accomplish by burning a book that means nothing to you, and is sacred to someone else? Is that going to change their minds? Doubtful. Are they going to listen to what you have to say or take you seriously going forward? Probably not. Are you any better off? I don't see how.

However, as much as I disagree with what they are doing cutting off their web site is just as idiotic. I find it ironic that burning a book would be tantimount to suppressing the information contained in it, and yet out of distain for that they would cut off their web site to suppress the information it contains. Supressing information is what someone does when they don't have a legitimate argument against what is being said. Kind of like folks who mod people down because they disagree with their message, and don't have a strong enough argument to counter with.

Comment Re:But what created the law of gravity? (Score -1, Troll) 1328

Sure it does. Atheists stake their eternal future on the presumption that God does not exist. They live their whole lives doing what they want, and rejecting the concept that there could be anyone or anything greater than themselves. If they are wrong, and there turns out to be a judgement day they will spend eternity burning in hell. That takes a great deal of faith (or ignorance take your pick).

Comment Re:Just to pre-empt it... (Score 1, Flamebait) 408

Really Old is still going to be Really Old

I'm not sure I'd hang my hat on that. As the parent suggests there have been plenty of instances that man thought he had the answer only to discover that he wasn't just a little wrong, but flat out completely incorrect (see flat earth). Carbon dating the same artifact can return results that vary by 100,000's of years. That's not exactly a solid science, and if we're going to use those methods to say things like the earth is billions of years old; ergo the Bible is factually incorrect I'm going to stand up and call bs. Biblical truth has been handed down for over 2000 years. In the last 2000 years how many times have scientists changed their mind about what they know to be true? Sorry, I have more faith in God than I do in man. But then I don't have a vested interest in disproving His existence.

Comment Typical (Score 1) 711

It's amazing how often doctors would rather shove medication down someone's throat than deal with the root issue. It's ADHD now, but back when my wife was a teen it was manic depression. For years they gave her injections, and pills which actually made things worse (caused her to fall asleep in class, too lethargic to do homework, etc). She swore for years she needed medication and just needed to find "the one that works for what I have." After 10 years she finally gave up and started trying to control it herself. She can function just fine when she's doing what she wants, but apart from that she gets moody, irritable, or overly sleepy. She likes to work, so when she was working she was successful, and did just fine (without medication). Dealing with the kids, cleaning the house, etc. is not really her bag, so she can read a book, play her games, watch TV, or yell and scream until she gets back to doing what she wants. Gee, doesn't everyone want to do what they want and have no responsibility. That's not a medical condition it's failure to grow up. The only condition she has is that she is a spoiled brat. Had the "doctors" addressed that issue way back when, her and I both would have been better off.

Comment Re:Want me to call the Waaambulance? (Score 1) 372

Well I have no problem paying for my music or movies. Mostly I buy indie stuff now days and used CDs as I suspect many people do. Could be that's why their sales are down. If they were more interested in producing a quality product at a reasonable price perhaps their profits would increase. Welcome to capitalism. You don't provide me with the product I want at the price I want to pay, and I don't buy your product. I do take issue with my tax dollars being used to protect corporations over our citizens. You do see the distinction do you not? Piracy sucks, but is stamping out piracy more important than finding kids that have been abducted? Think about it. Not only that, the idea that we're ever going to be rid of piracy is a fantasy. In high schools all over the US you've got teenaged kids that buy an album and burn a copy for 100 of their closest friends. Those friends can subsequently make copies for their friends, and so on. No IP address. No public evidence. How are you going to stop that? You might as well go piss in the wind. Sure the Internet makes it easy, but people have been making illegal copies of music since the 60s, and probably even longer than that. The feds have better things to do than protecting the media industry.

Comment Re:Without any evidence? (Score 1) 457

I disagree. The guy is 19. There could be a whole host of reasons why he would say that including, but not limited to he actually did it. He could have been trying to impress a girl on the board, maybe he wanted everyone to think he was cool, maybe he wanted to one up someone else on the board, etc. The point is if the police didn't see him do it they shouldn't be charging him. Pulling his license can be a serious consequence if he has to get to work, and doesn't work near a bus stop.

Comment Re:I gotta say... (Score 1) 281

No, entitlement is expecting something you haven't earned or paid for. In the case of customer service, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a company to treat their loyal customers at least as well as new customers. A product is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. If it's only worth the discounted price then the customer leaves when they jack up the rates. Or at least they should. If I'm the customer I get to decide what I'm going to tolerate, and what I'm not.

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