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Comment Re:Time to Crush NoKo (Score 4, Insightful) 223

But I'm debating whether we want to let them develop first strike capability.

Yeah, I was just thinking, "Wouldn't another war be nice?" And this whole pre-emptive strike thing has been working out so well!

You are afraid that letting them develop longer will lead to them being more dangerous. Isn't it possible that letting them develop might lead to them being less dangerous? Maybe there will be a popular uprising? Maybe with increased wealth and education will come preasure from the populace to increase freedoms? Why should popular opinion in the US be the decider and enforcer of what North Korea does? Why not let North Korea's neighbors (South Korea, China, Japan, Russia along with many, many others that are much closer) take the lead? Have we learned nothing from the mistakes in Iraq? Why are you so eager for our country to squander what wealth we have by blowing up people half a world away?

As a programmer just the inefficiencies of war (spending billions of dollars buildings things to blow up people and infrastructure) makes me weap let alone the cost in human life. I also strong suspect that all of these wars are going to make things much more dangerous for America down the road.

Comment Re:nothing new at all needed (Score 2) 717

I drive a pretty wimpy car around a really busy city (Austin, TX) and I've never had a problem getting up to a safe merging speed. In fact, the bigger risk around here is people going 60 mph on the on ramp for a highway when traffic on the highway is only going 20 mph. Perhaps there are other reasons besides safety that you feel you need to drive a car with a lot of get up and go? Of course, as everything I mentioned is anecdotal your mileage may vary....

Comment Re:Slightly Disappointed (Score 2) 145

As a Linux zealot^Wuser, I was going to contribute over 5x the average, but seeing here that some of the ports are Wine and Mono, I decided to only contribute about 2x the average. But, I know there is no way for that action to signal the reason for my displeasure back to the developers so they can behave better next time; hmm... I suppose the best course is to still make a generous contribution so next time they treat Linux with more respect.

You want to send a message? How about donating generously, but changing how the funds are allocated so that the developers who are offering nice Linux support recieve more of your money than the lazy ones that you feel aren't doing enough. You can specify exactly who gets money and how much they get.

Comment Re:At one time, US used to be the lead (Score 1) 249

News Item: COLD WAR IS OVER. No one cares about the 'gap' between Russia and the US. No one care about anything except money. Go back to the eighties. Regan is calling.

I'm pretty sure (though I wasn't around then so it is hard to be sure) that the attitude in the 80's was more, we-are-going-build-huge-weapons-and-stuff-so-we-are-number-one! The attitude I was trying to advocate was yea-they-are-doing-cool-stuff-maybe-we-should-try-doing-more-cool-stuff-too! The differences are pretty large, though I can see how you'd get confused.....

.... and to be honest *I* care about things besides money so your statement about "no one cares about anything except money" is false.

Comment Re:At one time, US used to be the lead (Score 5, Insightful) 249

At one time, US used to be the lead in grand endeavors, but laziness, political infighting, and lack of true leadership has paralyzed the American will.

I hope to live long enough to see America return

As an American I wish the Russians luck and hope they actually do this and succeed. I hope that if they successfully do this it may motivate the powers-that-be over here to emphasize science a little more than they have been. And even if America doesn't take the hint and start emphasizing science again it would be a freaking moon base! :) That is neat no matter who is doing it.

Comment Re:Canada Here I Come (Score 1) 747

Ah, you assumed that because I used a collective noun, that my statement refered to every member of that group and not just a general tendency. That's a bad assumption.

I assumed you meant what you wrote. Maybe that was a bad assumption.

Also, you might want to be careful about trying to come up with general tendencies of groups of people. Feeling that certain groups have certain tendencies has been the root cause of a lot of bad.

Comment Re:Ahem (Score 1) 747

A silent, black-and-white, anti-Mormon Danish movie made in 1911...that's the best counterexample you've got? I suppose it means Mormons can't say that they've never tried to silence their critics, but if you have to go back to 1911 to find a counter, I'd say the modern Mormon Church must not be very litigious.

Additionally, that film isn't really critical of Mormons. Closer to ridiculous fiction with Mormons as the antigonists.

Comment Re:Canada Here I Come (Score 1) 747

How did you infer either of those from what I said? Neither follow.

You said,

Mormons voted, based on their religion, to ban homosexual marriage. This ban applies to people who do not follow that religion. Do I need to draw you a diagram?

Because you said, "Mormons voted, based on their religion, to ban homosexual marriage" I wanted to point out that many Mormons opposed prop8. Also, you said, "This ban applies to people who do not follow that religion" so I wanted to point out that the ban also applies to some people who do follow the religion.

Also, I am a little curious why you feel the Mormons are so responsible for proposition 8. I heard somewhere that Mormons make up about 2% of California. I've also heard around 4%-10% of California is homosexual. How is it possible in your opinion that 2% of the state is able to exercise so much control? My personal opinion is that you have a *greatly* exeragated opinion of the impact the Mormons made with prop8.

Comment Re:A newer one for you, though more truth than ins (Score 1) 747

Stop your fucking trolling. They violated the law in a bigoted advertising campaign, there's no "slander" involved.

They violated the law in not properly reporting non-monetary contributions in support of Proposition 8 and paid a $5500 fine. Mind sharing which advertising that was paid for by the Mormons was so bigoted?

Comment Re:Canada Here I Come (Score 1) 747

Are you seriously trying to argue that religious people shouldn't be allowed to vote because it isn't fair for the non-religous people? Or are you only suggesting that religious people that disagree with *you* should be baned from voting? Or maybe you are suggesting that people should only be able to vote for a law if they can somehow prove it may effect them. I'm not quite sure which of these (or perhaps something else entirely) you'd like to see implemented.

Mormons voted, based on their religion, to ban homosexual marriage. This ban applies to people who do not follow that religion. Do I need to draw you a diagram?

Are you suggesting that no Mormons are homosexual? Or are you suggesting that no Mormons voted against prop8? I assure you that if you are both suggestions are false.

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