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Comment God Bless Texas (Score 1) 398

Awwww. Makes me proud. The best country in the world is now taking on the most evil of lawn pests.

Did you know the little bastards chemically signal to themselves? The swarm a leg, and once the first ant bites, the rest bite synchronously.

Comment Re:Not Exactly for Taking a Photo (Score 1) 1232


You've got to be kidding me right?

How these urban legend stories float around just befuddles me. What the hell does a contract have to do with the cop asking some questions?

And 2) did wikipedia tell you that the "_first_" thing in any contract is for the 2 parties to identify themselves?

Have you ever heard of Offer, acceptance, and consideration?

Comment Wikipedia != the law in your jurisdiction (Score 1) 1232

Dude... you just cited Wikipedia for a matter of criminal procedure.

IANAL and this is NOT legal advice but it was my understanding that officers can request ID if they have enough facts to reach the reasonable suspicion standard in Terry v. Ohio. i.e. if they can Terry stop you, they can demand ID. Of course, your states can provide you with more rights than the Constitution.

I'd be VERY careful about refusing to ID yourself; you could be in a state where you do have to ID yourself.

I'd also be VERY careful about basing your legal knowledge off of either 1)wikipedia or 2)slashdot posts.

Just because you're more intelligent than Boobus americanus doesn't mean you're a lawyer.

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