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Comment Re:Saw it Live! (Score 1) 316

I know exactly what you mean! For years--YEARS--I'd remember the cantina scene in which the guy with the funnel for a head would pour a drink straight in, and every time I saw the movie I would watch carefully, trying to catch that bit and never able to. When I finally saw the SWHS again and saw that it was just Harvey Kormann, it was like a burden lifted off my shoulders: no wonder I'd never been able to catch that bit in the movie--it was never IN the movie! But that was weird, watching it the first time, eh? I was 6 also at the time, and I forgot most of it, just from time to time having these weird little clips in my head: the four-armed chef (Kormann again!?) and the announcer at the beginning saying "And R2 D2, as R2 D2!" Strange how things stick in the mind.

Comment Re:My statistics (Score 1) 575

We run a B2B site over here, and I've noticed a definite drop in IE use, though admittedly rather less pronounced than, say, the Spongebob site above. Just at the moment for July, my numbers are running: IE: 77.88% Firefox: 15.18% Safari: 5.69% Chrome: 1.16% (finally broke 1% for us) Everyone else 1% of course. If I compare it to June, IE was at 79.04%, and June of last year was 90.58%, so a pretty good drop there over time. Funnily enough, the big mover seems to be Safari, which was less than 4% not so long ago, and esp. considering that our desktop software is windows-only (mind you--mac-head that I am--I have re-engineered the site to be more safari-friendly, so I like to think that's a factor).

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