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Comment Re:LAND speed record ? (Score 3, Informative) 164

in 99% of its routes, the TGV doesn't even go that fast, because the french tracks are in such a crappy condition. 574km/h were only reached once on a test track.

Major fail in your comment.

It won't hit 357mph on any scheduled service (100% do not reach this speed), since that was a research experiment. The scheduled services run at 186mph (300Km/h) and 200mph (320km/h), depending on the line and train. It does this in an amazing level of silence and lack of vibration/sense of speed -- until you look out the window. When a TGV is moving quickly, rain doesn't stick to the windows. It's like being in a ground-level aeroplane.

No slower train is allowed on LGV lines, and most routes have at most one stop: they don't slow down much.

The record was done with a specially modified train (more power, less carriages), higher voltage(25Kv), higher-than normal tension in the overhead wires, bigger wheels and various other modifications. It was run on the new Le Mans line, before it was opened for regular service.

French TGV (LGV) tracks are some of the best in the world. They have minimum bend radii you measure in kilometers (6 on older ones, 10 on newer ones).

TGVs routinely hit 320Km/h (200mph) in service. They've not had a fatal crash ever.

Anyway - you said "french tracks are in crappy condition" - they absolutely aren't.


Comment Re:NSFW (Score 1) 582

Just make it into a Fawlty Towers joke, ignore any comments and then have a cuppa: it's a more British than anything else I can imagine at the moment.

Most Germans I know these days have a good sense of humour. If Ein Britisher has a sense of humour failure, that's their problem.



Comment Re:Uh no.... (Score 1) 114

In many places in the UK It's possible to get a totally uncapped, unbandwidth-shaped broadband connection for under £15 which is actually usable (20Mbits down, 1.5 up).

As such, I don't agree that the bandwidth is necesarily an extra charge. The majority of homes in the UK already have bandwidth because they have broadband anyway - and the clever ones have Be* or o2 Broadband without caps. For those people, the voda femtocell may actually be pretty useful.

I've got friends who have great broadband but no mobile signal where they live: they are farmers. They spend a lot of time outdoors. This is *perfect* for them.


Comment Re:Except weight and mileage DOES count... (Score 1) 713

Except that the data from this study (from the 1950s) is talking about extrapolations from data, without actual real testing including factors such as aerodynamics. In the 1950's this was restricted mostly to planes.

Modern road cars are not aerodynamically neutral devices - the vast majority of them generate lift at speed*. I suppose that if we drove everywhere faster, the load on the roads would lower somewhat because the effective "weight" (viewed as the force of the car on the road) would be reduced.

*I know of a few which generate "downforce" but in general these are pretty exotic (usually race cars, or certainly sporty anyway).

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